1900: two missing details

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1900: two missing details

Postby BigBert » 23 May 2020, 13:40

Let me start by saying how awesome it is that 1900 is a variant on this website. I just love that map and the extra options it gives!

That said, I was recently reading the guide written by Baron von Powell - the designer of 1900 - and I noticed that there are two elements of this variant which haven't been implemented here. They are mostly cosmetic, but probably also easy to implement. These two elements are that:
* In 1900, the orange power is the North-Western corner of the map is no longer called "England" but "Britain";
* The first turn of the game is no longer "Spring 1901" but "Spring 1900".

May I ask the moderators if these things could be changed?

For those of you looking for a nice bed-time read, here's the guide:
http://uk.diplom.org/pouch/Online/varia ... 061119.pdf
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