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Re: International Football Organization IFO

Postby jonisilk » 14 Jun 2019, 19:34

You'd just have to contain yourself and your capabilities and play within certain laws that would put a limit on you being so obviously otherwise OP'd. If not, then this will always be the issue at every sporting event and realistically, Venusians would never be able or allowed to compete against anyone else, only in a category of their own.

Obviously you'd have a certain physical edge over opponents (which is why you'd walk through the qualifying group especially), but you wouldn't be able to break the game by flying/breathing fire, etc. Individual players who don't comply with those rules would be banned/sent home/etc. We're just looking for a way to try and make this work for everyone and if genetic inhibitors are out of the question, then how about good old fashioned self-discipline?

Your players would have an obvious advantage as they can physically impose themselves on a game - an dominant aerial presence at the heart of defence, or a strong front-man who can hold up the ball and play others in - and there are professional leagues where they could become highly prized assets and highly paid athletes, all they'd have to do is agree to play within the confines/code of conduct/rules of the game, and we can make it work.
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Re: International Football Organization IFO

Postby Subotai45 » 15 Jun 2019, 00:56

If you’re only concerned about mitigating the truly extreme gene-mods (flying, fire, lightning, etc) but not the ones that just increase running speed/endurance, strength, intelligence, etc, that’s perfectly reasonable. If that’s the case we can even compete in a single all-Federal team to avoid taking too many qualifier spots. We’re not trying to murder anyone here after all, just make sure that we don’t have to entirely sacrifice who we are to compete.
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