19 BBY Fall

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19 BBY Fall

Postby Woolgie » 17 Mar 2019, 16:49

19 BBY Build Orders are due by 2000 GMT / 2100 BST / 1500 Eastern US Tuesday 19th March

Jedi Groo – 1 Build
Rebels AKFD – 2 Builds
Sith Jerry42 – 1 Build
Empire Jvm495 – 1 Build
Hutts Aeschines – 2 Builds
Bounty Hunters pjkon – 3 Builds

19 BBY Fall Orders

Jedi Groo
Dorin s Csilla-Cerea Nebula (Succeeded)
Csilla-Cerea Nebula (Succeeded)
N'Zoth-Juvex Sector (Bounced with Occupying Unit)
Reecee hold (Succeeded)

Rebels AKFD
Coruscant HOLD (No Unit in Coruscant)
Bespin MOVE Endor (Bounced with Occupying Unit)
Andat MOVE Bespin (Bounced with Occupying Unit)
Rutan HOLD

Sith Jerry42
Klatooine M Bimmibari (Succeeded)
Kessel M Klatooine (Succeeded)
Regan Neutron Region S Klatooine M Bimmibari (Succeeded)

Empire Jvm495
F Onderon move to Kegan. (Succeeded)
C Kashyyk support F onderon move to Kegan. (Succeeded)
F borleias move to empire space (Succeeded)
C Vulpter Hold (Succeeded)

Hutts Aeschines
Geonosis – Naboo (Succeeded)
Arbra s Geonosis - Naboo (Succeeded)
Tynaa Region s Geonosis - Naboo (Succeeded)

Bounty Hunters pjkon
Corporate Space to Munnilist (Succeeded)
Tingel Arm to Sernpidal (Succeeded)
Yavin to Wayland (Succeeded)
Anzat hold (Succeeded)

Minor Powers
Endor – Bespin (Bounced with Occupying Unit)
Naboo Hold (No Unit in Naboo)
Serndipal - Corporate Space (Succeeded)
Kegan – Bimmibaari (Bounced with Klatooine – Bimmibaari, Auto-Destroyed)

Naboo Fighter in Juvex Sector is Disbanded due to insufficient SCs
Sernpidal Fighter in Corporate Space is Disbanded due to insufficient SCs

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