gane 15126

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gane 15126

Postby RcihardLion » 08 Dec 2018, 16:10

This game ended with England the winner but he did not have 18 centers how is that possible ?
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Re: gane 15126

Postby NJLonghorn » 08 Dec 2018, 19:45

Your game number isn't correct, and there are two games you could have been talking about-- 151265 or 151276.

151265 was a 2-player challenge in which you were England and controlled 16 SCs while Will406 was Turkey with 18 SCs. This game properly shows Turkey as the winner.

I'm guessing you were referring to 151276, which was also a 2-player challenge. The shoutbox says that you were Turkey and conceded. You probably hit the wrong button by accident.
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