If you're a student at school/college/university and want to join the group, post here... we'll get back to you.

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Postby Aurelin » 19 Jul 2018, 02:14

Hi! I’m Aurelia, I’m going into ninth grade, and I want to be part of this group! I’ve played Diplomacy IRL and I really enjoyed it, so I made an account here.
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Re: Application

Postby Josey Wales » 19 Jul 2018, 10:21

Welcome and I do hope you enjoy playing here. I first played this game in high school many, many moons ago and loved it ever since.

Some advice, if you truly are new to this game, do not take anything personally on this site. Apart from myself and one or two other players you will be lied to, abused, stabbed and generally mistreated - and that is before 1901 even starts. Join some non-ranked games to learn your way around then jump right into a ranked solo-only game. There you will be told the most outrageous of lies (again, myself excluded) and really see what stabbing is all about - yes, it is part of the game no matter what someone who loves 6-way draws will tell you.

Enjoy your time here and I hope it will be long and prosperous for you.
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