Invasion Earth Seeking Replacement: Found

New games taking their initial sign-ups and active games needing replacements / reserves.

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Invasion Earth Seeking Replacement: Found

Postby Jegpeg » 13 Jul 2018, 20:29

I am looking for a replacement for the Grays in Invasion Earth. The Grays are joint SC leaders so it is a very strong position.

Spring 06 moves have not been processed to prevent the NMR being a disadvantage to the replacement player.

I have a reserve who will have priority but in case they are not able to play I am also asking if anyone else is interested. Anyone who expresses an interest but does not get the spot will be given priority as a reserve if any further replacements are required.

If you are interested post below or send me a pm.

Current position

Edit: While a replacement has been found if you are interested in playing please let me know and I will put you an a reserve list.
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