Spring 653

Played in the first Team Championship. Solo win by Giriom (Mercia)

Spring 653

Postby Pedros » 30 Jan 2012, 16:59

All go, especially in the south where it's punch and counter-punch.

No retreats, so Fall orders 653 are due by 1500 GMT (1000 EST, 2300 Beijing) on Thursday 2 February

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Anglia (Dar Krum)
Army Essex TO Ipswich : Bounced
Army London TO Sussex : Resolved
Fleet Sussex TO Straits of Dover : Resolved

Cornubia (Kian)
Lyme Bay move to Southampton : Resolved
Celtic Sea move to Leinster : Resolved
Southampton move to Somerset : Resolved
Portsmouth support Southampton move to the Downs : Wrong!
Oxford support Cambridge to London : Resolved

Ireland (diplomat42)
North Channel make a glorious advance on the Hebridean Sea, bringing glory to Ireland
Irish Sea move to cover the loss of Morecambe Bay
Leinster defend Dublin

North Channel-Hebridean Sea : Resolved
Irish Sea-Morecambe Bay : Resolved
Leinster-Dublin) : Resolved

Mercia (Giriom)
Army Nottingham moves Northampton : Resolved
Army Warwick supports Fleet Gloucester moves Cotswolds : Resolved
Army Cambridge moves London : Resolved
Army King's Lynn moves Cambridge : Resolved
Army Sheffield supports Army Manchester move S.Pennies : Resolved
Fleet Gloucester moves Cotswolds : Resolved
Fleet Norwich moves Ipswich : Bounced

Northumbria (jkid)
Army York move to Lancaster : Resolved
Fleet Dogger move to Flanders : Resolved

F Firth of Forth - Norwegian Sea : Resolved
F Glasgow - North Channel : Resolved
F North Atlantic Ocean - Donegal : Resolved
A Durham - York : Resolved
A North Pennines S A Durham - York : Resolved
A Stranraer H : Resolved

F Cork support Celtic Sea - Leinster : Resolved
F Swansea - Dyfed : Resolved
F Clwyd Gwynedd : Resolved
F Liverpool - Colwyn Bay : Resolved
F Bristol Channel convoy Cardiff - Exmoor (1st EVER forum convoy!) : Resolved

A Chester - Liverpool : Resolved
A Manchester - S. Pennines : Resolved
A Cardiff - Exmoor : Resolved
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