Geophysical ends: Congratulations vaderi!

7-player variant played on the standard map with two modifications. Similar to Seismic but with some differences. Created by Jeremy Maiden. GM: Pedros.

Geophysical ends: Congratulations vaderi!

Postby Pedros » 08 Jun 2011, 17:57

So that's it. After the long wait, suddenly it's over. Three gains for vaderi in the Fall of 1909 bring him to a victorious 17 SCs. Rughat's cameo appearance is in vain, and at the final hurdle both Austria (NMR) and italy fall and fail to finish.

Russia had one retreat - from St Petersburg. I assumed to Moscow, but it doesn't affect the outcome.

Well played vaderi - in the driving seat from the opening, vicious attack on England, and well done also to those who stuck it out to the end. Please write AARs, including your views on Geophysical as a worthwhile game.

The final map
Geophysical Final.gif
Geophysical Final.gif (37.11 KiB) Viewed 1015 times

Results of the Fall moves
Geophysical events.gif
Geophysical events.gif (36.73 KiB) Viewed 1015 times

Geophysical.gif (36.73 KiB) Viewed 1015 times

Austria: Palin
Army Naples hold : Dislodged; auto-destroy
Stabilize Naples
Marine Platform Uplift Tyrrhenian Sea : Resolved

France: vaderi
Earthquake Warsaw/Moscow Border : Resolved

Stabilize Finland/StP Border
Stabilize Finland
Stabilize Barents Sea
Stabilize Norway
Stabilize Hol
Stabilize Lon
Stabilize Bel
Stabilize Rome/Naple Border
Stabilize Edinburgh
Stabilize Alb
Stabilize Brest
Stabilize Bur/Munich Border
Stabilize Ionian Sea
Stabilize Ionian Sea/Greece Border

A Finland Move StP : Resolved
A Norway Support Finland to StP : Resolved
F Barents Sea Support Finland to StP : Resolved
F Norwegian Sea Support North Sea to Hold : Resolved
A North Sea Support Norway to Hold : Resolved
A Eng Support North Sea to Hold : Resolved
A Hol Support North Sea to Hold : Resolved
A Alb Move Greece : Resolved
A Ionian Sea Support Alb to Greece : Resolved
F Rome Move Naples : Resolved
F Apulia Support Rome to Naples : Resolved
A Venice Move Adriatic Sea : Resolved
A Piedmont Move Venice : Resolved
A Bur Move Piedmont : Can't reach Piedmont

Germany: Rughat
Geophysical: Land Heave Albania (with possible support) : Bounced (France)

Munich-Burgundy border
Trieste-Vienna border

Boring old regular movement:
A Kie - Ruhr : Resolved
A Ber - Kie : Resolved
A Den S A Ber - Kie : Resolved
A Budapest - Galicia (just in case) : Can't climb mountains!
A Tri S A Tyr : Resolved
A Vie S A Tri : Resolved
A Tyr S A Tri : Resolved

Italy: GhostEcho
Event: Earthquake Ionian-Greece : Bounced (France)
Stabilize: Greece

A Greece Hold : Dislodged, auto-destroy

Russia: Spekulatius
For my geographical event - I would like to flood Portugal

My orders:

Baltic Sea SUPPORT Sweden to hold : Resolved
Rumania HOLD : Resolved
Bulgaria HOLD : Resolved
Skaggerack SUPPORT Sweden to hold : Resolved
Livonia SUPPORT Baltic Sea to hold : Resolved
St. Petersburg HOLD : Dislodged : Retreat (Moscow assumed)
Warsaw HOLD : Resolved
Sweden SUPPORT Skaggerack to hold : Resolved
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Re: Geophysical ends: Congratulations vaderi!

Postby VGhost » 10 Jun 2011, 04:49

I was going to protest, as those orders aren't the last ones I turned in, but I managed to screw up the ones I *did* turn in last anyway so whoops. GJ vaderi.
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