Backstabbed for Loose Lips

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Backstabbed for Loose Lips

Postby BrotherBored » 12 Apr 2020, 04:58

Hello again friends. It's been a while since I contributed via my blog. Life got busy and difficult...but on the other hand, it is invigorating to contribute to a community that I enjoy so much. Sometimes I should remember that I feel better after I finish writing than before I started!

The Top 5 Reasons You Get Backstabbed #4: Loose Lips

I hope you learn something! Enjoy!
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Re: Backstabbed for Loose Lips

Postby dib » 12 Apr 2020, 20:13

As always a great article though your suggestion of getting a coach outside the game is accorring to playdip a form of metabgaming. As far as I know the rules of
this site forbid what they call 'team play'.

Not saying this is good or bad btw. Just my understanding. Are these rules realistic? I am not sure. What purpose do they fulfill. Again no idea

As an aside I notice some from here asking for advice on Reddit using play dip maps.
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Re: Backstabbed for Loose Lips

Postby Malarky » 14 Apr 2020, 19:24

I guess there's only so much a site can do with what dib brings up. Mods can control what happens here mostly but what someone does away from the site is a different matter. How different is it asking for suggestions on another site from asking a mate or family member to look at your map?

And there's nothing wrong with trying to play a game as best you can and working it out yourself... then asking what others would have done when the game's over.
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