Convoy Brest - Portugal

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Convoy Brest - Portugal

Postby oberKGBler » 05 Jun 2019, 16:13


I have an Army in Porugal, a Fleet in Mid-Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is empty. To my understanding I should be able to giv the fleet and the army an convoy move order to move the Army from brest to Portugal.

It works fine for the fleet, but for the Army I only have the option to convoy move to Picardy, but i could "normal" move to Portugal.

Shouldn´t be there a option to convoy move the army to portugal?

thx in advance
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Re: Convoy Brest - Portugal

Postby jay65536 » 05 Jun 2019, 16:28

When the ONLY way to complete your move is by convoy, you don't have to specify that the army is being convoyed. The normal move order is sufficient.
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Re: Convoy Brest - Portugal

Postby oberKGBler » 05 Jun 2019, 16:34

Oh perfect! Thank you. :)
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Re: Convoy Brest - Portugal

Postby Malarky » 05 Jun 2019, 20:48

I know this is a "How do I..?" rather than a "Should I...
?" question, and it could be hypothetical, but as a bit of guidance I think asking questions about an active game is frowned upon (and this might not be a situation in an active game, I know).

On the basis that it's a technical, or process, question and to give a little background info, fleets are the only units that can receive a convoy order. Armies are always just given a standard move order (even though that move is normally illegal ;) )
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