An unstable 14 at Macc Con

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An unstable 14 at Macc Con

Postby dib » 17 Feb 2019, 14:18

Hey there

Not the players but the numbers

If you fancy coming down to MaccCon for 1 or 2 days you will be most welcome

MidCon was blighted by a flat tyre that spun out things a bit but luckily not the car at 70 miles an hour so a deft recovery was made

We have 14 but would love you to come and try or bring a pal...15 or 16 or 17 will be accommodated...

So if you can spare the Sat or Sun come along anyway...its a great chance to get together and see the game live

A player some people call Dib

Further details are on the FTF section of site. Best to reply there Jack! :o
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Re: An unstable 14 at Macc Con

Postby Jack007 » 17 Feb 2019, 15:02

Okay, no replies here. :mrgreen:
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