Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (GAME OVER N3)

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Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (Day 1)

Postby kimpossible » 16 Feb 2018, 00:44

asudevil wrote:
kimbyrle wrote:After SHE took the PROFESSOR to school, WHAAAAT!!!

Only cause I let you...but if you ever need a male model for your "art" you let me know

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Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (Day 1)

Postby kimpossible » 16 Feb 2018, 00:51

Ok, so assuming Telleo was being honest about the belt holder having 3 votes, then the vote totals stand at either of these depending on the championship outcome:

nanooktheeskimo (1): asudevil
RedSun (6): Dwiltse1114, Telleo(+2), UpsideDownChuck(+1)
Dwiltse1114 (7): JoeHoya06, kimbyrle(+1), nanooktheeskimo, RedSun(+1), sjg11

>>> or <<<

nanooktheeskimo (1): asudevil
RedSun (4): Dwiltse1114, Telleo, UpsideDownChuck(+1)
Dwiltse1114 (9): JoeHoya06, kimbyrle(+1), nanooktheeskimo, RedSun(+1), sjg11(+2)
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Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (Day 1)

Postby Zoomzip » 16 Feb 2018, 01:00



I currently have the following votes recorded. Please verify and correct if you feel your vote is not correct. Please note that C4 is not recording this vote from Dwiltse1114 which I believe is a valid vote: viewtopic.php?p=936158#p936158"

Dwiltse1114: JoeHoya06, kimbyrle, nanooktheeskimo, RedSun, sjg11
RedSun: Dwiltse1114, Telleo, UpsideDownChuck
nanooktheeskimo: asudevil

There will be a period of approximately 1 hour before the vote resolves.
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Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (Day 1)

Postby Zoomzip » 16 Feb 2018, 01:07

Telleo v. SJG11

Coming back from commercial, both wrestlers are in the ring, and Dunk Dinkle, the ring announcer, has a microphone in hand:

The following match is scheduled for one fall


...and is for the PMWL Championship!

The crowd pops at this announcement.

Introducing first, the challenger. Weighing in at 295 lbs, from Kent, England, he is the Gunner... SJG11

A massive cheer greets this announcement as SJG11 mounts the ropes to acknowledge the fans. The cheers are sustained, and slowly die down. But even as they fade, a new set of cheers slowly builds in the strength as the Dunk speaks again:

And his opponent, from East Germany, weighing in at 210 lbs... he is The Man in Black, and he is.... the PMWL Champion.... TELLEO!

A massive cheer greets Telleo, who turns to each side of the ring holding up the championship belt before relinquishing it to the referee.

Dobson's voice on play-by-play is heard for the first time in the match. "Well, this is it folks, the big one. We've heard a lot about SJG11, and the fight that this young man has taken on to overcome huge challenges to get to this point. But we have a popular champion in Telleo, whose acumen and ring-smarts are well acknowledged and feared."

Royce cackles in "I don't know who's gonna win Bob, but I think it's gonna be a hell of a fight!"


Both competitors circle each other, tentatively. The camera lets you see their mouths, they seem to be exchanging words and gestures. A chant picks up in the audience "Let's Go Telleo!" and suddenly finds a counterpoint "S-J-G" -- The audience themselves seem divided. Telleo slowly extends a hand, and SJG regards it impassively. Then he shakes it, and they step apart -- but just as soon as there is a hint of separation SJG closes and begins throwing left hands around Telleo's head. SJG takes Telleo into the corner, and the referee forces a break.

As soon as SJG steps away, Telleo beging firing left hands at SJG, and they battle back into the middle of the right. Suddenly SJG sneaks a right handed uppercut in that staggers Telleo. Telleo steps back, and then responds with his own uppercut. As the crowd reacts to each blow, they continue to trade until finally SJG11 connects a series of three and Telleo seems stunned.

SJG11 takes advantage and whips Telleo to the left ropes -- Telleo appears to recover mid run and goes for a cross body block but SJG11 leaps this. Telleo continues to the right ropes, and comes back meeting SJG11's feet in a drop kick in the middle. SJG11 kips up to his feet, and executes a series of elbow drops on his prone opponent. He goes for the pin:

1... 2...

And Telleo kicks out. SJG11 looks at the referee, an looks like irascible Frenchman as he demands to know why that wasn't a faster count to 3. As he turns his attention back to Telleo, Tello connects with another uppercut. As SJG slowly staggers backwords, Telleo executes a series of knife-edge chops to SJG's chest. The crowd gives an appreciative "Woo" as the sound of welts being raised on SJG is heard. Then, near the corner, Telleo puts SJG into a front chinlock, runs up the middle rope, across the turnbuckle to the other middle rope, and connects with a bulldog to SJG11. He quickly turns SJG11 over, and pulls the leg into a pinning predicament:

1... 2...

"And SJG11 barely pulled out of that one"

And SJG11 pulls the shoulder up, avoiding this near fall. Now it's Telleo's turn to look frustrated, and he picks SJG11 into a headlock. He clubs SJG11's back a few times, then lifts SJG11 into a standing head scissors position.

"This is not where SJG11 wants to be"
"No! He's afriad of heights! Ha-ha!"

POWERBOMB! SJG11 lies motionless, and the crowd explodes. Telleo looks to the audience, and points upward as if asking a question. The crowd roars in response, and Telleo starts to climb the turnbuckle. He pauses, turns around to look at the motionless SJG11, and draws a finger across his neck. Then, he leaps...

...and SJG11 rolls out of the way and pops to his feet. Telleo neatly rolls on the landing, popping back to his feet, but as he turns around there's a boot suddenly under his chin.

"SUPERKICK!" yells Dobson

SJG quickly moves to pin...

1... 2... 3?

But no, Telleo's foot had found the ropes and referee sees it just a second before counting the third and final beat. SJG throws his hands to the sky. What more can he do? But he has to try. Telleo staggers to his feet, and the two once again face each other down as the crowd begins a "This is awesome!" chant. Tello slaps SJG11 across the face, and his head snaps, but he stifles a laugh. Enraged, Telleo tries to launch a series of forearms, but SJG whips Telleo suddenly into the Turnbuckle. Telleo is dead on his feet, and SJG slaps the canon insignia on his ninja tights.

"This could be bad news for Telleo"
"It's gonna happen... here it is... the 49!"

It's almost too fast to follow as SJG11 throws blow after blow. At first it seems Telleo can withstand it, but then he wilts, rocks back a moment on his heels, and falls forward. SJG rolls him over, and grabs the leg...

1...2... 3!

Here is your winner...
...and new PMWL Champion... SJG11

He is handed the belt, and he lifts it over his head as the crowd chants his name.


*** Telleo has been credited with a loss
*** SJG11 has been credited with a win and is the new PMWL Champion
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Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (Day 1)

Postby Zoomzip » 16 Feb 2018, 01:28


ZoomZip is in his office. A wrestler enters. ZoomZip regards the wrestler dispassionately. "Do you know what I value in this business? This violent, complicated business? Loyalty. And frankly, I've heard enough about you from the locker room to wonder. These are tough times, and I can't be too careful. But I hope I am doing the right thing, because right now I can only use those I can trust completley.

Dwiltse1114... you're FIRED!"

And with that, security is summoned, and Dwiltse1114 is led from the building.

*** Dwiltse1114 has been eliminated.

Later, after a successful career in the independent scenes and long tour of Japan, he will recall his time in PMWL regretfully.

*** Dwiltse1114 was a Face.


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Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (Night 1)

Postby asudevil » 16 Feb 2018, 05:00

SJG I challenge you to a match. Winner takes that title. I may have lost the "next man up" or whatever it was called with Kimbyrle. But you are no match for me. You have held me back TOO long...and now...its MY time to shine.

Accept my challenge. Or you will get a lynch vote

Nanook I still think you are our scum
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Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (Night 1)

Postby RedSun » 16 Feb 2018, 05:43

Nanook, I Krypton challenge you to a match.

Accept my challenge or be ridiculed for your fear!
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Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (Night 1)

Postby Telleo » 16 Feb 2018, 10:56


A crowded press conference room. An exhausted looking Man in Black steps up to the podium. "I've got a few comments prepared, and then I'll take a couple questions. First, I want to congratulate Sjg. That was one hell of a fight, and I'm glad you decided not to try to just walk it in. Second, I know I let my fans down, and I want them to know I'm not done - I'm coming back, and I'm getting that belt again. It's what the people want. Before I try for the championship, however, I think it's time I spent a bit of time making the rounds, training, improving, getting better. To that end, I'd like to officially challenge UDC. You were my mentor, and I want to know how much I've grown. Third, and finally, I'd like to offer my condolences to Dwilt, whom I've just learned was fired from the PMWL - I wish him all the best in his AAR, or "After Axing Rounds" - you know, the traditional sendoff for those who are let go."

He sighs, leans forward against the podium. "I'll take a couple questions now - yes, you in front?" He listens intently for a minute. "No, I don't think so. You, in the green?" Another moment of nodding along to an unheard question. "Well what was Wenger thinking, bringing Walcott on that early? Over there, in the JoeHoya Fan Club gear?" He cups a hand behind his ear, encouraging the reporter to speak up. "Yes, I was advised otherwise."


EVERYONE: Remember to VOTE during your promos! Those votes count tomorrow, and if there are some lethal night actions, we all want our last voices heard!

To that effect: RedSun. We shoulda gone with this yesterday. Dwilt was struggling to articulate. RS was actively backtracking on his own logic.
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Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (Night 1)

Postby JoeHoya06 » 16 Feb 2018, 12:24

"Well, Royce, we've heard from some of the roster tonight, and it looks like the gauntlet has been thrown down by ASUDevil and RedSun."

"Thrown down? Bob, I'd say it was at most 'gently laid down.' I half-expected to see them in top hats carrying canes, 'good day sir, shall we have a bout?' Haha!"

"I think the relevant thing here is that we had a challenge for the title, as– "

Darkness. Pyro. Audioslave. More pyro. Joe walks out. Jesus, even more pyro.

Cut my music.

The music continues to play.


The obligatory "he cursed!" cheer echoes through the rafters of...whatever arena we're in. Joe

This is normally where I would make fun of your hometown, but, uh, I'll be honest, I don't even remember where we are.

"Job-ber! Job-ber! Job-ber!"

Oh come on, what the hell do you people know about having jobs?


Yeah, that's what I thought.

Last week, I suffered a setback, I'll admit. I feel like I let down the HoyaHolics. But credit to Chuck, he did what he had to do. I can't wrap my head around why our CEO, Mr. Zoomzip, bumped us from #1 Contender status down to the undercard, though. Could it be because Chuck was so late to last week's episode of Smacktalk? I don't know.

I do know that long after I left the building, I got called out. I'll give you one guess who it was.


Late to the party once again. He comes out here well after anything of any consequence can be done, talks his hippy-dippy tree-hugger shit, and challenges me when it's too late for me to do anything about it. I think it's because he doesn't actually WANT to fight me.

He's just grown more and more jealous as time has gone on. He can't stand how many millions

Joe pauses for the crowd to finish his sentence. The crowd does not finish his sentence.

of fans I have, while nobody outside the igloo he was raised in gives a damn about his career.

He is the most boring guy in the history of forum sports entertainment-based creative writing. He's so boring he actually makes me want to burn another hole in the ozone layer.

In fact, I have some tape to show you all. Remember when Chuck showed up late and we caught him sleeping? Take a look!

We see the video from Chuck's N0 promo. Chuck is asleep. The camera pans to the television, which is tuned to Friday Night Smackdown. On the screen, we see Nanook's N0 promo.

He put Chuck to sleep! He was so boring, Chuck almost missed work!

The crowd chuckles.

But that's enough about him. I've got –

The sound of glass breaking fills the arena. A computerized version of a familiar theme song plays over the loudspeaker.

"What's going on, Bob?"

"Royce, something has happened backstage; Renee DeLeon is on the scene. Renee?"

Renee appears on the screen, incredulous. Joe has disappeared from the ring.

"Guys, if you'll look over here, there's a pane of glass, shattered all over the floor, and a man that...hold on."

Renee walks over to the man, who has just picked himself off of the floor after appearing to have fallen through an office window. He is clearly wearing a skull cap, with a fake circle beard that is only half stuck onto his face. He is also wearing exactly what Joe was wearing in the ring.

"J...Joe? What's going on?"

Aw hell no, Renee!

Renee rolls her eyes.

"All right, I'll bite. Are you...are you supposed to be Stone Col–"

Aw hell no! I'm Bone Gold Lee Boston! A totally different guy! Can I get a "hell yeah?"

He does not.

Listen, Renee, I've been watchin' what's been goin' on, and I got some thoughts I wanna share with you, and Bob and Royce, and all the people out there in...uh, wherever.

I gotta say, I'm a little surprised to see DWiltse leave the company the way he did. Not surprised to see him go, per se, but surprised he was a face. Guy kept popping in and making these thinly-veiled accusations about folks, saying he was gonna explain 'em, and he never did. Never did! If he didn't have much time to dedicate to the PMWL, that's one thing, but he certainly didn't use the time he did have productively.

I wish he'd followed through on all that "you and, Joe and RedSun are in the middle" stuff and actually explained what he meant, so that we could work from it after he left, but we can't win 'em all, now can we Renee?

"No, I suppose not, Ste– Lee."

Speaking of not winning them all, TELLEO! Man in Black! Tough luck droppin' the strap, but we're gonna need some information outta you! You told everyone the champ has an extra vote. That ain't in the rules, jabroni! Where did that come from? Your PM? Is there anything else the town should know about the championship belt?

"Well, Telleo has since told us that he was 'advised otherwise.'"


"Minutes ago, right here on Friday Night Smacktalk."

Ah well, I don't watch this shit! Anyway, I got one more thing, Renee. I'm not well-versed in all the votin' analyzin', but I notice two things: I see Kimbyrle movin' her vote all over the damn place – she had a vote on half the damn PMWL at one point or another! – and I wonder if maybe I need to look a little more at when those moves were happening.

I also see that once RedSun looked like he might be gettin' himself a sitdown with the CEO, the post numbers picked up, big time. Might be a good, honest face reactin' to bein' about to get fired, or it could be the death rattle of a heel on his way out, tryna pin somethin' on poor ol' Dwiltse.

Telleo raised a good point about needing votes out there in case some bad shit happens, so for now, it's gonna be RedSun, because the one thing that I've got after DWiltse's ignorance of the questions sent his way is how RedSun proclaimed ASU's bad vote on me – on Joe, I mean – to be a "good point" and then, when pressed on it, wouldn't actually explain what made it a "good point." "I thought it was interesting" ≠ "good point" my man!

"So you're aware of what Telleo said, even though you just said you don't watch..."

And that's the bottom line, 'cause Bone Gold declared it to be!

"Bone Gold Lee Boston" pours a beer into his mouth that was stored Lord knows where.

"Well, Royce, that, uh, heh, that was, uh, something."

"It really was, Bob! Bone Gold Lee Boston, love that guy, haha!"

Are you clowns...finished...over there? Can I...can I just...can I get back to the matter at hand here?

Joe is sweaty and out of breath, with his clothing disheveled as if he'd just, say, flown through a glass window and pounded a beer.

Right then. Okay. Hoo boy. Hey, who the hell was that guy?

The crowd both laughs and boos at the same time.

Anyway, you would think I'd want to fight Nanook this week and put him in his place. But no. I have bigger fish to fry. The biggest fish in this whole promotion, maybe.

You see, life is about...people. Our relationships with people. Our families. Our friends. Our partners, both at home and in the ring. You all know my tag team partner, right?

The crowd most certainly does. "As-gard! As-gard! As-gard!"

Yeah. Her. Maya and I linked up not long after we both joined the PMWL, and the results spoke for themselves.

The video board shows a clip of Joe tagging Kimbyrle into a match, her climbing the turnbuckle, and splashing down on a hapless unidentified wrestler. She pins him, and the pair embrace in the ring before lifting high a pair of belts. "...and NEW...tag team champions of the worrrrrrrrrrrld..."

Those were the days, huh? It's too bad Mr. Zoomzip shut down the tag team division. And out of nowhere, too, just a couple weeks ago. Hmm...

Even though we don't wrestle anymore, Maya and I still spent a lot of time together. Except lately, she's been...I would say distant, but really, she's been non-existent. I asked her if she wanted to grab lunch the other day. "Uh, sorry, I'm sick," she said. That's fine. "Hey, how are you, feeling better?" "No, I'm sick, fever's over a hundred degrees."

Last week, I thought I'd stop by her dressing room, see if she needed any medicine or anything.


YOU WOULD THINK. But then, well...

Joe gestures to the video board. We see him walking down the hallway toward Kimbyrle's dressing room. This is clearly going to be one of those weird things where wrestlers are just hanging out in the back and a camera happens to be nearby just in case something happens and, oh, what a shock, something ALWAYS happens. You know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, a door opens about 20 feet down the hall. A woman emerges and collects herself, taking a deep breath. As Joe approaches, we can see it's Kim. She is mortified to see him.

Just the one I was looking for! I'm gonna run over to the CVS and get some Sudafed to smash up and put into my coffee since we don't drug test around here anymore. Do you need anything? Some DayQuil? Some of my Sudafeds?

Kim coughs one of those forced, shallow coughs and shakes her head.

Maybe you shouldn't wrestle tonight if you're still sick. Take a night off and–

The door opens again. Mr. Zoomzip pops out and glares at Joe.

"Keep it quiet out here!"

He nods at Kim. Kim looks back at him before heading down the hallway. Joe looks into the camera for a few seconds before shrugging his shoulders.

Back to the ring.

Do you guys think she was acting strangely? I didn't at the time, but then a couple hours later, Chuck and I suddenly get pulled from the #1 Contender's match. And who replaces us? Who is now suddenly the #1 Contender for the title?

"May-a Fu-ry! May-a Fu-ry!"

THAT'S RIGHT. After years of winning titles together, my tag team partner, my best friend in the business, the one person I trust more than anyone on Earth, just ghosts me. And then I catch her having a secret meeting with our boss, and then out of nowhere I'm getting shelved and replaced by her?

The crowd murmurs.

KIMBYRLE. You're not used to getting called out, but here it is. I want a piece of you, Sunday night, right here in...this arena.

You need to answer for this. You need to PAY for this. You wanna duck my calls? Pretend to be sick just to avoid seeing me? And then bend my career over a barrel behind my back? Screw you.

You can run, but you can't hide. I'll be here all night. And I'll be here Sunday, too, to kick your ass-gard all over the ring.

Joe climbs out of the ring as his music plays. He opens up a folding chair and sits next to Dobson and Rancid, who show immediate discomfort with the situation.

"Now THERE'S a gauntlet, Bob!"

"Indeed it is! We'll be right back on Friday Night Smacktalk!"
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Re: Main Event Mafia: Game Thread (Night 1)

Postby Nanook » 16 Feb 2018, 13:12

Accept RS' challenge. You're going down, punk.


This is a really half-baked vote, but I want something here on record just in case. She had the least explicable RS vote yesterday in my eyes--honestly, I would've understood her voting Nanook more than I understood her RS vote, based on the in thread work she's done. I suspect there's at least one scum pushing RS at some point yesterday, because RS is a very easy mislynch so it makes sense to me that scum would try to get him lynched if there was momentum towards him. I understand Chuck's vote on him, I think I see where sjg's on him came from, and Kim's I have issues with but they're issues of "You're reading him tonally different than I'm tonally reading him" more than they're issues of her copying others work. Telleo...I might be missing or forgetting stuff, but I'm not real sure where her vote is coming from that isn't just sheeping Chuck.

Anyways, I don't feel super comfortable with this vote, but I'm still working on flu-brain and I figure that taking a shot in the dark at a decent place for there to be scum pushing is a fine place to be here. I'll explore this more tomorrow. I'd apologize for being lazy, but also, I'm not apologizing for being lazy on flu brain.

I'm also going to add that I'm kind of a weird place with Kim right now. On the one hand, I don't love her RS vote...on the other hand, she's still reading as townie Kim tonally. So...yeah, kind of in a weird place with her. Figuring that out is on my agenda for tomorrow.

I should also probably apologize for my play tapering off the last 12-24 hours of yesterday. The flu sucks. Hopefully I'll be able to pick it back up tomorrow, cause there's some stuff I wanted to do that I wasn't able to and that's annoying.

If one more person takes a potshot at the times I'm available to play I'll policy vote and troll them mercilessly. I'm serious. I play when I can play. Judge me on what I'm doing while I'm here, not when I'm here, cause I'm going to be here as much as I can regardless of alignment. If you're not happy with the times that I'm here, tough shit, I don't care. Seriously. I'm tired of dealing with this garbage every game.

asu wrote:I still think you are our scum

Would appreciate an answer quickly on D1: are you saying there's only one scum, or are you just making a general accusation that I'm a scum, not than THE scum, and I'm getting too picky about verbiage again?

@Asu, JOE:
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