Carnage (Vermont) AAR: A Series of Unfortunate Moves

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Re: Carnage (Vermont) AAR: A Series of Unfortunate Moves

Postby DQ » 16 Nov 2017, 17:21

Legit question. Maletsky is terrible at that. I'll bother him.
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Re: Carnage (Vermont) AAR: A Series of Unfortunate Moves

Postby shield » 20 Nov 2017, 04:15

DQ wrote:Only a little later did I really look at the idea that I'd have had a good shot at the solo, because Turkey had been voting down the draw the whole time, hoping to get bigger. (No, Andrew Katcher, you aren't going to advance in the med with your Fleets in Tunis/Tys/Rome versus my fleets in NAF/WMed/GOL. Sorry.)

Who needs to grow and push through Med? Turkey just had to sit there. This is CARNAGE scoring, and all Turkey needed to do was hold the med line while everyone else lost centers.

Admittedly there was some risk pushing the game longer, but DQ was already 1st, and a solo wasn't a real risk until much later with some misorders on the RAT side letting Germany into GAL. Since Turkey went from 5th to 3rd I'd say it worked out OK.

Turkey had two things it needed to do differently in the post England/Italy phase of the game:
(1) Once RAT/FG became the clear opposing lines, and before DQ setup his own fleets line in the med, Turkey moved too slowly to secure the Med due to over commitment to deciding in advance to play this board passively. Had Turkey had been more aggressive those Turkish boats would have been at least NAF/Wes/GoL.
(2) Turkey potentially missed out on 2nd place on the board due to failing to ask Austria for a dot he probably would have seceded just to end the game.
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