Tempest XIX Final Report, Tempest XX Preview

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Tempest XIX Final Report, Tempest XX Preview

Postby DQ » 20 Oct 2017, 22:06

Tempest XIX is in the books, and Siobhan Nolen is our champion, with two middling results and a Russian Solo victory in the third, timed round! Even with the solo she only had 15 more points than Randy Lawrence-Hurt, who walked away with two best country teapots (Austria & Turkey). Now he is all set for days when you need more than one kind of tea. At the same time. Ahem. In third place, Nicolas Delateur (Best Germany) was neck and neck with Randy going into round three, but they ended up on the same board, and only one of them came out with points.

Rounding out the top seven were Roy Rink, Jeff Ladd (defending champion), Craig Mayr, and Clem Jayne - none of whom secured a teapot! Those went to Joseph Wheeler (Italy), Rick Desper (France), and Brandon Fogel (England). The “ I got Hammered” award went to Tim Richardson, who barely edged out Don Woodring - they were both eliminated in all three games they played, they were both on the board that coughed up the only solo of the weekend, but in that game Don was eliminated earlier, so it was decided that the result Wasn’t His Fault.

A big thank you to everyone who came out to play this year. We were a full two boards smaller than 2016, with 11 boards and thirty individual players. We did attract travelers from all corners of the country (Montana, North Carolina, California, Chicago, Boston, NYC, Pittsburgh) but our proximity to the North American Championships likely cut down on volume. And we are starting to see more players come out who have previously been primarily online players - it is very exciting to see them across a table, and we look forward to growing that audience.

Another big thank you to the PTKS Board - Peter Yeargin as usual ran a tight tournament. Joseph Wheeler has done yeoman service as Treasurer, and Tim Richardson has been stalwart as our Minister of Information. Jeff Ladd’s support and insight has been invaluable as my Vice Captain, while both Adam Sigal and Dave Maletsky provide excellent support as our at-large members. Without them, there would be no PTKS to speak of.

Now, we begin looking forward to next October 5-7, Tempest XX - the home of the World Diplomacy Championships 2018. I signed on as Captain with the goal of bringing WDC back to WDC, and we have some amazing ideas about the event. We are firming up our specific location, but there will at the very least be organized tours of iconic DC monuments / Smithsonians, Pre-order-able gear (Shirts, Jackets, Mugs, etc), and a Thursday evening Shindig to get to meet/greet your fellow diplomats before the stabbing begins. Expect event pricing to be announced as we lock down our location and housing.

Finally, I ask you - if you support what we do here - become a PTKS dues-paying member! Your $25 helps us in so many ways, and this year, it will be an even greater value to you. Dues-paying members always get $10 off of Tempest - this year, you will get an additional $5 off your total gear purchase, and $5 off the Thursday Night Shindig. It practically pays for itself! Send small, unmarked, non-sequential bills to any board member or via Paypal to [email protected] - and send it as a gift, so we get the full $25, right? Of course.

Stab you Soon! Chris Martin, Captain, PT&KS
Stab you soon!
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