Can you support a vacant space?

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Can you support a vacant space?

Postby Jonny U » 16 Oct 2017, 17:36

Can I order a unit to support a space that I am vacating? I need to free up a space in order to build new units next year, but if I vacate, then I may be giving the space up to Russia.

Here's the example: I am playing as Germany. I have armies in Holland, Kiel, Ruhr and Munich and I took Denmark this year from Heligoland (and thus added a supply center). Russia controls Berlin, Silesia, and the Baltic. I need to vacate a supply center in Germany in order to build a new unit next year, but if I vacate Munich or Kiel, I am afraid Russia will step right in. Can I move my army out of Kiel and issue a "A Hol S Kie" order even if I no longer have a unit in Kiel? I'd like to vacate Kiel, but still protect Kiel from a Russian attack from Baltic or Berlin.

Logically, it seems that you would be able to support your vacant supply center without having a unit in that space, but the rules don't appear to address this question.
Jonny U
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Re: Can you support a vacant space?

Postby Locutus » 16 Oct 2017, 17:41

You are supporting a unit (fleet or army) when you issue a support order... so no, you can't support a vacuum to hold.
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Re: Can you support a vacant space?

Postby mjparrett » 16 Oct 2017, 19:06

You need to be clever at times like this and self bounce etc to keep centres open
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Re: Can you support a vacant space?

Postby Charleroi » 17 Oct 2017, 17:40

The self bounce does run the risk of the "malicious support" order.

Consider for example:
Germany owns Holland and Kiel and has armies in Belgium (which is owned by France) and Kiel. France has an army in Ruhr. Holland is vacant.

Germany orders:
Bel--> Hol
Kiel --> Hol intending to keep Ruhr out and stay in Belgium so that is becomes German.

France orders:
Ruh S Bel-->Hol

With french support, the German 'attack' from Belgium to Holland succeeds and Belgium is left vacant. The vacant (french) supply center remains French.
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Re: Can you support a vacant space?

Postby Bromley86 » 17 Oct 2017, 23:21

It was a real shock to find out, as I did (the hard way), that you could be maliciously supported.

To answer the unintentional question posed in the title: yes if you're playing with actual written orders, no in this implementation of the game. Of course, supporting a vacant territory is a wasted move, but there are times when you want to pretend you misordered; I was quite surprised that PlayDip didn't let you enter that misorder.
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Re: Can you support a vacant space?

Postby gareth66 » 18 Oct 2017, 00:33

You can always pre-emptively cut a malicious support order by a precautionary unsupported attack on a potential source of unwanted support.....! :?
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