WDC 2017: AAR and General Impressions

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WDC 2017: AAR and General Impressions

Postby Carebear » 08 Jul 2017, 01:52

So, this is a thread for the PDers to talk about their games a bit and describe the experiences as most have not played in a while FtF or in a case at all.
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Re: WDC 2017: AAR and General Impressions

Postby I Love Italy » 08 Jul 2017, 06:42

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Re: WDC 2017: AAR and General Impressions

Postby Don Juan of Austria » 08 Jul 2017, 06:56

I Love Italy wrote:Marking.

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Re: WDC 2017: AAR and General Impressions

Postby asudevil » 08 Jul 2017, 13:59

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Re: WDC 2017: AAR and General Impressions

Postby DQ » 09 Jul 2017, 03:55

Stab you soon!
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Re: WDC 2017: AAR and General Impressions

Postby Custer » 09 Jul 2017, 15:16

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Re: WDC 2017: AAR and General Impressions

Postby Conq » 09 Jul 2017, 20:02

For folks who have played a lot of online diplomacy and who had to adjust to ftf diplomacy for the WDC, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the following:

(1) What were the differences and challenges of playing in person?
(2) What surprised you about the face-to-face game?
(3) What did you carry with you during the games? (Pen and paper, tablet, map, etc). Is there anything you would change about how you took notes or kept track of the game?
(4) How did the tournament setting, 1910 cutoff, and scoring impact the game?
(5) If you are an unknown newcomer, how did that impact your games? Was it an advantage or a disadvantage to be an unknown?
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Re: WDC 2017: AAR and General Impressions

Postby Strategus » 09 Jul 2017, 21:21

Just marking this thread for now, but an awesome experience and well recommended. I think I speak for all the crew when I say we all want to do it again. The next one is in Washington next year, and if you can make it, get a crew together and go.
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Re: WDC 2017: AAR and General Impressions

Postby The Tibetan Blackbird » 09 Jul 2017, 22:58

Good questions Conq. Like GDP I thoroughly enjoyed the experience but I was woeful! I would therefore recommend everyone to attend a F2F game or event. If it's your first time then possibly don't jump straight into the WDC. Get some games under your belt and get your face recognised first.

The event was extremely well run and the setting was glorious; we played in one of Oxford University's colleges. The weather was kind to us and this enabled those sun loving gamers to converse/diplome outside.

All the people I met at the event were friendly both on and off the board though some more so than others as one might expect - you don't need to like all personality types! There were some interesting characters and temperaments and certainly any number who were highly competitive (not that that it is bad thing). My one gripe is the impression I got that many of the "regulars" at the WDC knew each other and appeared more ready to make agreements with those that they knew rather than with "newbies". I suppose that this is human nature ie better the devil you know and all that. This is partly why I would recommend you get your face known before attending such an event as there does seem to be a bit of a face to face community.

From my viewpoint I am not sure that I will attend another WDC or F2F tournament. This is because I like the potential for anonymous play where each game starts on a level playing field.

At WDC my first game was as Austria - I was immediately attacked by Italy and Russia. I made a mistake trusting Italy too readily and not covering Trieste. Maybe had I done so Turkey, who in fairness was talking to me, may have held off. I was trying to get people to move on Turkey as he was a former world champion and therefore, I assumed (wrongly) that he should be a target.

To respond to one of your questions Conq I think the stabs seem to come quicker in F2F encounters. There are also draws at an earlier stage and with more players as people seem most interested to get points on the board. I'm not sure I like the way that this influences games. In my second game, playing as Italy, I was fortunate enough to be included in a draw even though I only had one SC left. The reason for this is that the players with more SC's felt they had enough points for their purposes. The games are partially driven by point watching as people wished to secure enough of them to reach the top board. This, in my view, was certainly evident in my third game, the final one before the top boarders were decided. In this game I was Turkey. Italy announced to all in private discussions that he thought he needed 6 centres to get one of the coveted places needed and two others seemed to need large numbers in order to have a chance. In this case I was attacked by Italy (who needed the six), Austria (who needed a lot) and Russia (known to the other two but not in contention for a top place). I suspect that I was targeted from the outset as probably the weakest player. Italy and Austria remained allied throughout the game in an unbreakable alliance with Austria allowing Italy to take my three sc's to make his six. In return Italy was happy for him to grow as much as possible. I struggled to see what Russia had to gain from this and he was duly despatched after I had fallen.

I used a tablet to record the board on occasion but didn't have much call for one as I didn't have that many pieces to remember.

I think being a newcomer was a disadvantage but that may only have been my experience. I am sure that the other attendees from this site will give their own views in due course when they get back home. Some had a far greater distance to travel than me.

It was a positive experience for me, was good to try and therefore I would recommend it to others. I especially enjoyed meeting the other members of the Play Diplomacy site - we had a good laugh and they were good company. For me though I will be quite content enjoying the games I play here. After all I am peace loving nation wishing no harm on anyone!
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Re: WDC 2017: AAR and General Impressions

Postby WarSmith » 10 Jul 2017, 00:27

Marking a space!
Will have lots to write after a bit of traveling first.
Was a great experience. Awesome to meet my fellow dippers.
Some highlights:
1) playing a highly talented game and allying with the New world Champ in a game to take down a former world champ and also the 'then' tournament leader and final 3rd place overall. And surviving! Also in the game was another top five finisher. I'll do notes of all 4 games I played but that one will highlight a lot. It includes a very xcellent lunch with the new champ over which we really solidified that alliance and got moving.
2) not getting eliminated in any game. And despite not picking up a top position - having a couple of strong seconds and racking up points enough for a steady position.
3) playing with Big Gun and GPD. Was great fun! Can't wait for some more battles on here now. I know you'll both have your knives ready ;)
4) helping the playdip team to a respectable score.
Some reflections:
- the regulars know each other and are wary of others, you have to really try hard to prove your quality to them.
- time pressure is a nightmare!
- the boards end up looking totally different to online
- lots of SC exchanged, single SC stabs etc. it's not a place to bear grudges.
5) we all got Carebear tattoos. Enough said.
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