AAR 131167 : Diplomacy game, come and play (Russian Solo)

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AAR 131167 : Diplomacy game, come and play (Russian Solo)

Postby RedSun » 27 Jun 2017, 02:16

This is my first AAR and this was also my first online diplomacy game so if their are any errors sorry!

Mr.+J. played as Russia before me but quit even before Spring 1901 had started. Quitting at the same time was France, Italy and Austria. This marked four replacements needed.
The countries were represented by these players at this point:
Germany-cole the great
Russia-RedSun (me)

I begin by proposing potential alliances to all six countries essentially promising them all the chance to go endgame with me. I wanted to keep my options open. All responded some more eagerly then others except Germany. However Germany's moves indicated he wanted the neutral pact of not entering Silesia/Prussia that I offered him. A major benefit I obtained that move was entrance to the Black Sea. I proposed a bounce there but the previous Russian proposed a DMZ. He took that into consideration and after I entered the Black Sea in the Spring he was terrified. I promised not to invade which I kept for a few years and just used the Black Sea as support which got his trust. At the end of 1901 the board was pretty standard. However Germany did obtain Belgium and Denmark was contested by both Germany and England and Treiste was bounced by Italian/Austrian forces beginning the first conflicts in the game.

Me and Italy got along great at that point. I didn't notice an English/German bounce so I messaged Germany asking him for Denmark as the previous German/Russian arranged. However the German responded by saying it would be a declaration of war with him if I did. I apologized and he responded with two or three words basically saying 'whatever'. I arranged in the south a separate alliance with Italy/Austria/Turkey all unaware of the others participation. I asked both Austria/Turkey to support me into the opposing forces which they both agreed to. None followed through however and I ended up attacking Austria and making no gains that year. However I showed loyalty to the Turks and proved to the Italians I would take out the Austrians. Meanwhile the French organized an alliance with Germany and England separately which both in their messages seemed fairly confident of. I liked the English player better but the German player I felt would be easier to continue the Russian/French alliance against. Essentially I created the alliances that year but made no military gains.

The Germanic/French alliance which I told France to make reveals itself against England. AwesomeWon surrendered that spring and I captured Budapest and Italy captured Treiste before losing it to the Germans in the fall. I told the Germans to ignore the south but the German player agreed and instantly broke it. He was starting to tick me off. France also for some reason surrendered in the fall which I found confusing because he was doing pretty well. At the end of 1903 it looked like this:

Aqua100 joined as France and MajorMountain joined as England. MajorMountain sent me a message asking me to promise not to take Norway. I said I wouldn't promise and asked what he'd do to prevent it. Germany also essentially declares war on me by moving to Silesia and I beat him out of Norway claiming it for me after a standoff between the two of us. We bounce in Ukraine as he tries to move in proving beyond reasonable doubt war between us. I reach out to the French and Aqua100 is happy enough to work with me to take him out. In the south I loose Budapest but support both my allies Turkey into Serbia and Greece and Italy to Treiste. However Italy apparently sent a message to Turkey speaking about his agreement with me which Turkey responded to both me and Italy which freaked me out and made me question his loyalty. This is end of 1904:


French began expelling Germans from England and conquers Belgium and I successfully eliminate the Austrians with the help of my alliances. Italy and Turkey also both begin fighting each other and I offered to both of them after Italy's little message to help them eliminate the other to which they both agreed. This is how it looked:


I decide to ally with Italy despite his slip due to the fact the he was more communicative and I got more out of allying with him then Turkey territory wise. Germany was successfully eliminated of his influence on the global range and me and France successfully subdued him. I begin an invasion of Turkey and immediately Turkey surrenders :evil:


I finish up securing the entire eastern portion of the border and am afraid of an Italian/French alliance. I had previous encouraged Italy to make arrangement with France about no fleets/armies in certain territories. Italy begs me not to stab him and I don't yet and I move into position to stab both my French and Italian allies. Germany is alive with one SC in Holland.


In the Spring I stab the French and move into position to conquer Serbia/Treiste/Greece from Italy and Berlin/Munich/Edinburgh of France. I say good game to both France and Italy and thank Germany for not Surrendering and being a good sport. It's 3 minutes from my victorious move in the Fall when I go on and I wait those three minutes… the Germany player NMR'd an caused it to extend 12 hours right after I sent that message. He gets eliminated from the French in the fall. The Italians Attack Spain belonging to France and I conquer five or the six territories I was moving in on. Failing to conquer Edinburgh. I successfully won with this map:


The end game:
Russia 20 SC
France 9 SC
Italy 5 SC

The players:
Cole is great (Germany) Good at orders movement and made me feel terrified as he was the only player equal to my power at one stage of the game. However his communication was not good as I effectively erased him with France and some Italian help.
AwesomeWon (England the 1st) Seemed to be a good guy but lost militarily and diplomatically. Don't know how he would've done as a different power.
MajorMountain (England the 2nd) Basically was doomed to fail when joined. Didn't do anything particularily notable.
LordGabbro (England the 3rd) Not mentioned above because he somehow joined after England was destroyed. If it's possible to change your name this might've been Major Mountain. Idk.
Warmonger33 (France the 1st) Good French player. Good communicator. If he didn't NMR he probably could've been a game changing player. (We'll never know)
Aqua100 (France the 2nd) Good tactician but diplomacy wise was lacking. Didn't convince an Italian offensive against me. However conquered Germany quite effectively.
VictorThane73 (Italy) Really good communicator great to play with and loyal! Too bad I stabbed you in the end. You let me get the better side in all the deals and need to be more agressive in the future. Too many people will take advantage (like me) and win.
TimRussertIsInHell (Turkey) A decent communicator. Didn't irritate me like Germany but never made game changing moves. An alliance with him over Italy was a negative in all aspects. However it was annoying that he quit as soon as we moved on him.
LeninJohn (Austria) spoke to him in one or two messages in the beginning before stabbing him. It is admirable that he stayed to the end despite his obvious inevitable destruction. Did make a Germano/Austrian alliance that was unfortunetly too late for him.

Well that was the game. If I missed anything let me know.
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Re: AAR 131167 : Diplomacy game, come and play (Russian Solo

Postby Don Juan of Austria » 27 Jun 2017, 09:01

Wow....so many surrenders. :( You should join the classicists. ;)
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Re: AAR 131167 : Diplomacy game, come and play (Russian Solo

Postby RedSun » 27 Jun 2017, 14:12

How many games do I need to complete to join Classicists?
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Re: AAR 131167 : Diplomacy game, come and play (Russian Solo

Postby Bromley86 » 27 Jun 2017, 14:37

5, but really 1. See sig.
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