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Postby unfunfunt » 31 Jul 2009, 17:52

I think that nukes should be just another unit like fleets and armies. They have no conventional strength, and cannot support or move. You build them in an SC, and you can then use them on any square of the board as part of your turn. They would destroy any unit that ended up in that territory at the end of the phase, and make the territory impassible for a year. They would not, however, capture the territory, if it is an SC. Control remains with the last player to control it.

Contrary to making the strong players stronger, I think this might serve to add balance to the game, as the smaller players could band together and all affect one of the larger ones. It would also give larger powers less actual units to start with, limiting their expansion potential. This is just my two cents. What do other people think?
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Re: Nukes

Postby Waterice man » 31 Jul 2009, 18:02

We could try it on one of the test runs
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Re: Nukes

Postby von Falkenhayn » 31 Jul 2009, 20:21

I would be all for trying it. Might add a new dimension to the game. Another variant possibly?
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