Amendments to Aspiring Tier Criteria - and NEW POLL

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Should admission to the Aspiring Tier be tightened to require that the player has never surrendered?

Poll ended at 05 Sep 2014, 00:52

Yes, for the "less than 5 games played category" but not for the "more than 5 games category".
Yes regardless of number of games played, Aspiring Membership should not be available for more than 5 games.
No, the criteria are fine as they stand.
Total votes : 18

Re: Amendments to Aspiring Tier Criteria - and NEW POLL

Postby Antigonos » 06 Sep 2014, 02:32

If the criteria for membership is changed to include a % of surrenders in ranked and unranked games I would favor a rule that limited surrenders as follows:

Aspiring: Overall surrender rate no more than 40% in both categories;
Bronze: Overall surrender rate no more than 30% in both categories;
Silver: Overall surrender rate no more than 20% in both categories;
Gold: Overall surrender rate no more than 10% in both categories;
Platinum: Overall surrender rate no more than 5 %in both categories.

Note that I have reversed the figures used by gareth66 because to me this is the correct way to express what a surrender rate is...the % of surrenders in a given number of games. The one change of have made is to lower the % of allowed surrenders for the Aspiring category.

I would address the issue of a genuinely "reformed" player by allowing the the first ten or even 20 site games to be removed from the rate calculation after a set period.

I gather that my position will be seen as a harsh one but I believe that once one has mastered the game and it's standards a surrender should only occur as a result of some genuine emergency that does not allow for access to the site or time to find a substitute especially if one is to be considered a classicist.
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