Nomic 5 Proposal 304 - Stalin's Stamp (closed)

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Re: Nomic 5 Proposal 304 - Stalin's Stamp (closed)

Postby connect4 » 02 Mar 2014, 21:45

Crunkus wrote:Alrighty, all that remains is to change the scoreboard and update the rule set to reflect this passing.

Done, although on my phone. Please point out if I made any errors in transcription.
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Re: Nomic 5 Proposal 304 - Stalin's Stamp (closed)

Postby Ugluk » 02 Mar 2014, 23:39

super_dipsy wrote:
Ugluk wrote:The matter is not settled.

Yes it is. Pagane already ruled. He ruled first.He ruled that the votes do not count and the adjudication is correct.

Unless you are saying you want him to repeat his ruling because technically the rulings were made out of order?

Is it a ruling if he wasn't the Judge?
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Re: Nomic 5 Proposal 304 - Stalin's Stamp (closed)

Postby Pagane » 03 Mar 2014, 19:43

I believe that Ugluk is correct in saying that my initial judgement was not an actual judgement.

My judgement remains unchanged. I rule that Crunkus was correct in not counting certain votes, as described here:
Pagane wrote:Ouch, I've been rushing around so much of late that I've thrown all attention to detail out the window.

Regarding the votes for Stalin's Stamp:
Rule 302, Section K wrote:During the Voting phase, any player who did not initiate the creation of the Thing being voted on who is also active may vote on the proposed creation of the Thing.
Votes relevant to Thing creation must be cast on their own line, in blue color and at least size 125; conditional votes are not allowed. Blue will be defined to be the color #0000FF. This clause is narfable.
Acceptable text for votes are as follows:
ABSTAIN, in this context, is the published decision not to vote on the creation of the THING.

Blue is clearly defined to be the color #0000FF. As much as I want to allow for the obvious intent expressed by myself and by Connect4, I cannot rule in favor of the passage of Stalin's Stamp.

Rule 304 is passed, but the Thing known as Stalin's Stamp is not created.
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Re: Nomic 5 Proposal 304 - Stalin's Stamp (closed)

Postby Crunkus_old » 03 Mar 2014, 23:28

...and if there was no judgement then it just stands. Something tells me this is going to be issue that needs to be dealt with in a hurry.
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