Fall 02 and congratulations to Diadem's Turkey

Played with a different set of Wing rules. GM: Pedros; Winner: Diadem (Turkey)

Fall 02 and congratulations to Diadem's Turkey

Postby Pedros » 26 Jan 2014, 12:54

So that's that. Suddenly, game over. Poland is eliminated and Turkey achieves his 33. Well played Diadem - I have to say, your use of the Wings throughout was awesome!

I hope you will all provide the usual AARs, at viewtopic.php?f=627&t=42867, but particularly this time I'd like comments on the map and about the way the Wing rules played; I shall be making some comments of my own!

Final SC count:-
England: 9 SCs
Spain: 4 SCs
Italy: 18 SCs : 20 units : builds +1
Poland: 0 SCs
Turkey: 33 SCs

F02.gif (99.11 KiB) Viewed 1140 times

England ColesD : NMRs 0)
W(Norway) s W(Sweden) (the base) : X
F(North Sea) s W(Norway) (the base) : Resolved
A(Denmark) s W(Sweden) (the base) : X
F(Helgoland Bight) s A(Denmark) : Resolved
A(Picardy) s A(Belgium) : Resolved
A(Belgium) s A(Holland) : Resolved
A(Holland) s A(Belgium) : Resolved
F(South Atlantic Ocean) s F(Gibraltar) : Resolved
F(Gibraltar) s F(South Atlantic Ocean) : Resolveds

Spain sjg11 : NMRs 0)
A Andalucia- support A Barcelona-Hold : Resolved
A Barcelona-Hold : Resolved
A Madrid- Portugal : Resolved

Italy (kevinsmith4 : NMRs 0)
I order all my units to hold. : W Croatia destroyed 0-3

Poland (stalin813 : NMRs 1)
SWE move to NORWAY : Bounced 1-1 : Destroyed 1-2
BAL - GDA : Bounced

Turkey (Diadem : NMRs 0)
A Lapland S A Finland - Sweden : Resolved
A Finland - Sweden : Resolved 2-1
A St Petersburg - Finland : Resolved
W Urals Move Mumansk : Resolved
W Gorky S A Lapland via Mumansk : Resolved
W Moscow Attack Baltic Sea via Latvia : Bounced
W Bielorussia Attack Lithuania : Resolved
A Gda S A Warsaw : Cut from Baltic Sea
A Warsaw S A Gda : Resolved
A Krakow S W Podolia : Resolved
W Kiev S A Krakow via Bielorussia : Resolved
W Podolia S W Podolia : Resolved
A Sev - Odessa : Resolved
A Hungary - Croatia : Resolved 3-0
A Serbia S A Hungary - Croatia : Resolved
A Rumania - Hungary : Resolved
W Bulgaria S A Rumania - Hungary via Serbia : Resolved
W Alb S A Hungary - Croatia via Adriatic Sea : Resolved
W Istanbul - Greece : Resolved
A Greece - Apu : Resolved
F Ionian Sea C A Greece - Apu : Resolved
F Aegean Sea S F Ionian Sea : Resolved
F Eastern Mediterranean S F Libyan Sea : Resolved
F Libyan Sea S A Libya : Resolved
A Libya H : Resolved
W Alexandria Move Eastern Sahara Desert : Resolved
F Eastern Black Sea H : Resolved
F Western Black Sea H : Resolved
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Re: Fall 02 and congratulations to Diadem's Turkey

Postby ThorondorNL » 26 Jan 2014, 13:10

Congrats Diadem
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Re: Fall 02 and congratulations to Diadem's Turkey

Postby Stanislaw » 26 Jan 2014, 17:57

Congrats Diadem!

Must say this was a fun game to watch. Wings completely change your strategy and I think Italy and Turkey's ruthless application of wings allowed them consistently make pretty good gains each year. I was surprised that besides those two players not many people used wings which was part of why Italy and Turkey were able to make so many gains.
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