Winter 2004 Results

American variant set in 2000. Created(?)/Brought to site by The Sea People. GM: The Sea People. Game ended with no resolution.

Winter 2004 Results

Postby The Sea People » 08 Jun 2009, 07:07

ok, 2005 starting. If anyone has waterway proposals, propose them. In other news...It's not a build anywhere game! I think that's already been said, but whatever.

LordLindel has taken over as the Heartlands. Also, the Erie Canal passed.

Just to clarify the players:
California: AardvarkArmy
Southeast: Jaded Knights
Midwest: Firestorm94
Tri-State: AK47
Texas: Trkertrsh
Heartlands: LordLindel

Build F Tex

Build A LA

Retreat Mis-Kan
Disband Okh

Build A Vir (not possible because it's build only at home.)

Diplomacy America Winter 2004 Results.gif
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Spring orders are due 10 PM Tuesday.
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