Question about draws.

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Re: Question about draws.

Postby Fatmo » 04 Sep 2013, 06:47

So, with all the time that's gone by, changes in the scoring system, etc. . . , How is this handled now? If there's a DIAS draw proposed and one or more countries are eliminated before it expires, will the original draw offer still be on the table? If all surviving countries left accept the draw, would only the surviving powers at the time claim the victory?
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Re: Question about draws.

Postby super_dipsy » 04 Sep 2013, 07:18

Nothing has changed. If a Draw proposal is Live (not rejected, not expired) then it will be enacted if all the ACTIVE countries accept (ie not eliminated or surrendered countries). When a draw proposal is processed, only ACTIVE countries are included in the draw (same definition as before).

So to be clear, if a draw offer included France, Germany and Russia, and everyone but Russia has accepted, and Russia has NOT rejected, and Russia is then eliminated THEN the draw is processed but as a 2way between France and Germany, not a 3way including Russia.
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