Aberration AARs

GM: sroca. 2-way draw - Lord S (Poland) / King Jeff (Burgundy)

Re: Aberration AARs

Postby The Doctor » 16 May 2009, 15:40

Yeah, it would be nice to be a country that wasn't stuck in the middle. Part of my problem was that being in the middle, I felt I had to be aggressive. I looked at the beginning of the game and saw Poland and I could be great allies, one moving south and the other north. I held on to this idea, and even when it became apparent there was a stab coming, I kept trying to keep the dream alive. I also ran into a problem I've been working on fixing of leaving my borders too unguarded. With all my units in Italy and the Balkans, I had nobody to defend my rear. Poorly played by myself, and the NMR just destroyed all my chances.
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