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Postby JeanHitaro » 13 Feb 2008, 18:59

I'm a busy single father, so I don't have time to play intensively. I played a lot of FTF diplomacy but had to stopped when some of my friends just couldn't separate game backstabbing from real life friendship. Now I'm looking forward to getting involved in internet diplomacy. I'll mostly be playing games with slow cadences (every two days or more) at least at first.

In style, I tend to be a balance-of-power player, I look to make the game as interesting as possible for everyone involved with creative alliances. I am honest and appreciate honesty in others. I look to engineer situations where people's alliances are based on obvious self interest with clearly marked goals and warning signs.

My native language is English, I live in the USA. I'm fluent in French, and can read Spanish for you international players.

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