Kingmaker Mafia

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Kingmaker Mafia

Postby AHarlequin » 04 Dec 2012, 05:37

A generic game of mafia, with a small "twist."

There are two factions - the Town and the Mafia.

One player - not publicly announced or confirmed, but always aligned with the Town - is the King. Day 1 - a short day, just 48 hours - has no lynch - just "campaigning."

Night 1 has no kill, and no role-related actions--should they exist. Rather, the King simply looks at the "campaigns" and decides on three players to join his Court.

The King and his Court "convene" at the start of day 2 - but, no one on the court knows who the King is (save, of course, for the King himself). The four are then, as a group, informed how many of them are aligned with the Mafia - e.g. 0, 1, 2, or 3.

If a member of the Mafia is chosen for the Court, they lose their ability to communicate with their fellow Mafia members, who are informed simply that their compatriot has made been selected for the Court. Use of codes to circumvent this restriction is frowned upon, and at GM discretion may be grounds for replacement/modkill.

From here on out, the game plays just like a normal game of mafia - save for two details.

First, the Court gets a kill. They can discuss freely among themselves privately, and each night they may choose a player to kill. This kill will be identical to the Mafia kill, just with a target chosen by the Court. Court members "vote" on a target; in the event that there is a tie, the Mafia are informed of the dilemma and may choose the target.

All attempts to investigate members of the Court will "fail." The Court triggerman is unblockable.

At-death, the players on the Court are simply revealed to have been on the Court: neither alignments nor roles (should they have any) will be revealed.

In the event that the Court ends up as a single player/member, the Court loses its kill--but keeps its prohibition on investigation, death-reveals, &c.

Lastly, the King is particularly susceptible to kills. The Mafia may choose to "assassinate," rather than simply "kill," a target. If that target is a regular townie/Court member, there's no effect - but if the target is the King, the target dies immediately, his vote does not count towards the Court kill, the assassination cannot be blocked/protected against, and the killer is untraceable.

This is a 12-player game, standard 9-3 Town-Mafia ratio. With 2 kills a night, plus a daily lynch, it'll likely end quickly - one way or another.

All references to roles should be treated as "should such a role exist" - e.g. the fact that the rules reference blocking, protecting, tracking, &c does not mean that such powers will be in the game.

-2. Be civil, or at least not too rude, to everyone! This oughta be a given; as such, it's rule -2. Following this rule is very important!
-1. Play to win. This rule is very important as well! If you're about to be lynched, don't reveal who your scum-friends are; don't give up and surrender to lynches if you can avoid it, either. Sometimes, giving up can be strategic--but if it's just surrendering to avoid defending yourself...
0. This is a game--the whole point is to have fun. If you're not having fun, it means something's wrong; feel free to message me if this occurs.
1. Vote for the lynch like this--large, red (#FF0000) font. I'm fine with nicknames and abbreviations, but if I can't tell who it's for I won't count it.
1.5 I will be using Connect4's vote-counter. If your vote doesn't register on the vote counter--due to having the wrong size or color, for example--it will not be counted. I will post votals occasionally for you all to check against, but I recommend keeping track of votals yourself.
2. No PMing unless a role or ability allows you to. The Mafia and Court, of course, are exceptions--provided they keep me CC'd they can communicate freely with one another.
2.5 Mafia members on the Court may not communicate with fellow mafia members.
2.6 This includes via codes, phrases, passwords, and other not-quite-PM'ing means.
2.7 All of these are by necessity "honor system," but please respect the rules.
3. The day ends at the deadline, not when I post the end of the day. I'll provide a time, and link to a countdown; each day will last roughly 72 hours, and each night will last up to 48 hours with speed deadlines in effect. I won't be too strict on this, but please--when it's night, it's night.
3.1 You may keep talking 'til I end the day, but I'll stop counting votes once the deadline hits.
3.5. 3 also applies to situations when a player's actions end a day.
4. When you're dead, you're dead--please, don't post investigates, suspicions, or, really, anything post-mortem and in-thread--unless your role allows it.
5. No Lynch and Abstain are valid options. End day is not, for reasons which will likely become clear.
5.5 In the event of a tie between players, I will determine who is lynched based on who reached the higher total first, or came from the higher total. No Lynch will take priority unless a role gets in the way.
6. Do not use orange text, or variants on the color orange, unless your role allows it.
6.5. If a player writes something in large and orange, treat it as though I myself said it, and as though it is guaranteed true, unless I say otherwise. If you have the ability to post or activate abilities like this, your role will confirm that you can post his way.
7. In the same vein as rule 5, don't fake-activate abilities during the day. Activating an ability which you do not have is grounds for a modkill or replacement.
8. Please kindly refrain from editing or deleting posts.
9. In the unlikely event that a player is modkilled, their role will be changed to that of a third-party survivor, which is (of course) an auto-loss.
10. The Town wins if there is a loyal member of the Town alive and all members of the Mafia have been eliminated. The Mafia wins when all Town players have died and there is at least one Mafia member left alive, or when nothing can prevent the same. It is conceivable, albeit unlikely, that the number of Mafia could equal the number of Town members without the Mafia winning. If this is true, I will state that the game is continuing despite the number of players on each side.
10.5 In the unlikely, but possible event that every single player in the game is dead, the Mafia wins if the Court had no mafia members on it, and the Town wins otherwise.
11. Don't copy-paste your role PM or other private messages with the GM.
11.5. In the same vein as this--feel free to make cases based on numbers, actions, or even the plausibility of claims and roles - but, don't ask questions like, "What is the fifth word in your alignment PM?" when trying to deduce alignments. That ain't mafia, that's Extreme Hangman.
12. All roles are "barring shenanigans."
13. Night order resolution will go:
Triggered actions from the end of the previous day.
Blocking of blockers.
Other blocking.
13.1 Differently-"timed" roles, such as kills which occur "before any other action," may exist.
14. Lastly, a guarantee. There will be no alignment-switching shenanigans, game-ending Fool/Lyncher-y roles, &c.
14.1 Death information will be accurate.
14.2 However, it might not be as informative as you'd like.
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Re: Kingmaker Mafia

Postby PrinzMetternich » 04 Dec 2012, 05:50

Isn't this a bit convoluted?
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Re: Kingmaker Mafia

Postby AHarlequin » 05 Dec 2012, 02:47

PrinzMetternich wrote:Isn't this a bit convoluted?

Brief/plainly phrased summary:

A townie chooses a second, hopefully-town-aligned mafia, consisting of 4 players and including him.

This group gets a kill, chosen via a private nighttime vote.

The people on this group are informed of how many of them are mafia.

These players will no longer flip as town, mafia, &c. when they die.
Hmm. AP exams, group projects, essays...
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Re: Kingmaker Mafia

Postby diplomat42 » 06 Dec 2012, 17:44

This sounds crazy-good.
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