00.15 Builds, 4 August

Game for 7 set in riots in London over one night. Unusual rules! Devised by Andy Mansfield, introduced and GMd by Pedros. Winner: thewysecat (Nurses)

00.15 Builds, 4 August

Postby Pedros » 19 Dec 2011, 16:46

East Enders wrote:M'lud,

Now that the pubs are closed I am reliably informed by Dave the landlord at the George and Dragon public house that two mobs of rather intoxicated eastenders will now be joining the evenings festivities:

One in Shoredicth and one in in Spitalfields.

Tar very much

City Boys: City Road Destroy
Royals: Build in the mall please.
Nurses: Grays, Pentonville, Saddlers, Clerkenwell (4 because of the auto-destroy)

The Drivers are unable to make use of their build.

Orders for 00.30 on the 4th will be due at 1500 GMT (1100 EDT) on Friday 23 December (4 day phase) If you are going to be short of time towards the end of the phase, get your orders in early. No excuses!

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