Alaskan Diplomacy

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Alaskan Diplomacy

Postby Kelso86 » 02 Jun 2011, 09:53

Hey, I live up here in Alaska, just looking for other gamers for a face to face diplomacy game. Also I want to try and get in some real time games over the internet. So anyone that has about the same timezone ie: west coast america. I find that I am usually able to play about when Australians and New-Zealanders are playing
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Re: Alaskan Diplomacy

Postby Blueraider0 » 02 May 2012, 02:32

Another Alaskan Dipper? I live in Anchorage. Whereabouts are you?
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Re: Alaskan Diplomacy

Postby valent » 02 May 2012, 02:59

Can either of you see Russia?
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