Spring 3004

7-player variant played on the standard map with two modifications. Similar to Seismic but with some differences. Created by Jeremy Maiden. GM: Pedros.

Spring 3004

Postby Pedros » 17 Mar 2011, 19:47

Bit of a mish-mash really. But first of all thanks to everybody who got orders in in the end (although France's was interestingly incomplete!) At least the replies to my last PM revealed enthusiasm for carrying on.

Only one retreat, and it was England, from London. Since we haven't heard from SkyeRage in a long time I'm taking an executive decision and declaring England eliminated. So we moove straight to the Fall,

Fall orders are due at 0900 GMT (0400 EST) on Monday 21 March Please try to get them in on time (now isn't too soon for a provisional set!)

Geophysical events.gif
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Geophysical.gif (36.07 KiB) Viewed 1016 times

Austria: Palin
Erode Con : Resolved

Stabilize Greece
Stabilize Serbia
Stabilize Vienna
Stabilize Trieste
Stabilize Budapest

Army Greece support Army Serbia hold
Army Serbia support Army Greece hold
Army Albania support Army Greece hold
Army Budapest support Army Serbia hold
Army Trieste support Army Albania hold

England: SkeyeRage

France: vaderi
Lower North Sea : Bounced (Germany)

Stabilize Tyrrhenian Sea
Stabilize Marseilles
Stabilize Lvp
Stabilize Burgundy
Stabilize Paris
Stabilize Brest
Stabilize MAO

Germany: thapauly
Earthquake Tyrolia/Vienna Border : Resolved (closes the ravine)

Stabilize Yorkshire
Stabilize North "Sea"
Stabilize Denmark
Stabilize Baltic Sea
Stabilize Ruhr
Stabilize Silesia
Stabilize Tyrolia

Army North "Sea" to London : Resolved
Army Yorkshire Support Army North "Sea" to London : Resolved
Army Ruhr to Belgium : Resolved
Army Tyrolia to Vienna : Resolved
Army Silesia to Bohemia : Resolved
Fleet Denmark Hold : Resolved
Fleet Baltic Sea Hold : Resolved

Also, Trieste/Tyrolia shouldn't have a quake line, should it? True. Hope it hasn't upset anybody's plans!

Italy: GhostEcho
Event: S Austria ERODE Con : Resolved
Stabilize: Ven, Pie, Rom, Nap

A Adr->Apu : Resolved
A Ven S A Pie H : Resolved
A Pie S A Ven H : Resolved
F Nap->Ion : Resolved

Russia: laserr
Marine uplift Bulgaria : Resolved

Stabilize: Black sea, Black sea-Ankara border, Black sea-Sevastpol border, Sevastopol, Rumania, Warsaw, Norway, Sweden

Norway support Sweden to hold : Resolved
GoB support Sweden to hold : Resolved
Sweden hold : Resolved
Sevastopol -> Ankara : Resolved
Black sea convoy Sevastopol -> Ankara : Resolved
Rumania support Serbia -> Bulgaria : doesn't correspond
Ukraine support Rumania to hold : Resolved
Warsaw hold : Resolved

Turkey: chrisman39
"Sooner or later, one of us will stab the other. But for now we're both better off as allies" (kininvie)
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Re: Spring 3004

Postby vaderi » 17 Mar 2011, 23:21

To a light mech, every part of the city is Skid Row.

I am ALIVE!!!!!!!
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