Draw Offers?

GM: DRifteR. 4-way draw - sroca (Ghana), Diplomat (PacRus), Yorkshireman (S Africa), infinity8ball (India)

Re: Draw Offers?

Postby Dar Krum » 07 Nov 2008, 18:05

I felt that I was on the verge of a comeback, but I will accept the draw offer. (Sorry I took so long. Haven't been following as closely as I should have been.)

That was an interesting variant and I look forward to AAR's.
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Re: Draw Offers?

Postby Diplomat » 07 Nov 2008, 19:32

YORKSHIREMAN!!!! You accepted the Draw? I never thought I would see the day... ;)
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Re: Draw Offers?

Postby sroca » 07 Nov 2008, 22:52

sroca wrote:All right. Time for another Draw offer.

This proposal includes sroca(Ghana), Diplomat(Pacific Russia), Yorkshireman(South Africa), and infinity8ball(India). Responses are also needed from Dar Krum(Western North America) and raytheruler(Canada).

sroca(Ghana) - accepted YES per his post
Diplomat(Pacific Russia) - accepted YES, per his editing of my post
Yorshireman(South Africa) - accepted YES per his post
infinity8ball(India) - accepted YES per his post
Dar Krum(Western North America) - accepted YES per his post
raytheruler(Canada) - accepted YES per his post.

Well then the game is officially over now. Diplomat, Infinity, YSman and myself are the victors while ray and Dar Krum survived to the last.
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Re: Draw Offers?

Postby raytheruler » 07 Nov 2008, 23:12


I survived! I dont deserve to but I suppose Canada will just take the back seat once again. no suprise there. its a small victory.

Id like to congratulate the winners for winning and DK for hanging in there. This was a very fun and interesting game.
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