France Allowed to Submit Build in Spain (no bug)

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France Allowed to Submit Build in Spain (no bug)

Postby JadedMelody » 25 Sep 2020, 22:29

The game number is 182924. In 1902 build phase, France has 6 supply centers and 5 units, so is allowed to build one more. Brest is the only home center that is unoccupied, so he should have built there. He was unaware of the rule that you can only build in home centers, so he tried to build in Spain. The problem is, the game let him submit this build and the game went to the next phase. However, looking at the order history, France didn't build anything, as if he wasn't able to build at all, and still only has 5 units. This seems like a bug, and it shouldn't have let him submit a build order for Spain in the first place. Is there anyway to edit the game so he can build correctly?
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Re: France Allowed to Submit Build in Spain

Postby 0wl » 25 Sep 2020, 23:18

In a standard game someone can't build outside their home centers but some games on the site are the build anywhere variant which is why it's possible to submit orders in a non home center but that won't work in a standard game. The hundred variant for example is designed to be build anywhere.
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Re: France Allowed to Submit Build in Spain (no bug)

Postby WHSeward » 26 Sep 2020, 00:31

There is no bug. By design, illegal orders are accepted.

Unfortunately, no, it is not practical to rerun the turn. Some lessons are learned the hard way. Play on.
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Re: France Allowed to Submit Build in Spain (no bug)

Postby Potatomeister » 26 Sep 2020, 01:10

It seems like many games have illegal mis-orders from some player at some time. New players, especially, try to convoy fleets, support moves with fleets from coasts that can't support those moves, and much more. The game lets you do it. I was never sure if it's by design or not. It's certainly a way to learn a lesson!
And in gunboat and PPO games, illegal orders can serve as signals between players, so sometimes they serve a real purpose.
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Re: France Allowed to Submit Build in Spain (no bug)

Postby Charleroi » 26 Sep 2020, 19:05

This aspect of the site accurately recreates the F2F experience. There's nothing stopping a player from writing an illegal order on their order slip. And when those orders are read out they are just invalid. No do overs. It's definitely rough, but it's a learning moment. And can be a useful tactic when you "accidentally" enter an illegal order that leaves your unit in a useful position.
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