Question on diplomacy and maintaining alliances

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Question on diplomacy and maintaining alliances

Postby aswarola8 » 19 Sep 2020, 14:29

Good day all.

In my current playthrough I just allied with Anu, Jericho really dislikes me, but Synedron's relationship is climbing nicely.

Based on this, here are my questions:

To keep the benefits of my Anu alliance, do I need to keep their relationship above a certain amount? Of since we are allied I can kinda start ignoring them?

Is it possible to ally with 2 factions? Or should I just get my Synedron above 50 and hope they share the juicy stuff with me?
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Re: Question on diplomacy and maintaining alliances

Postby Jack007 » 19 Sep 2020, 15:18

That's a very good question in my opinion. If you are allied with too many players you'll soon have nowhere to go anymore. So some of the other players you'd need as enemies, for you can fight for their centers. On the other hand it's good to consider early on who could be your next ally, if your actual ally stabs you, which you can expect in most cases sooner or later. And you don't want to close the doors to you "next ally". :?

So this is a ridge walk, which for sure needs excellence in the field of diplomacy.

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Re: Question on diplomacy and maintaining alliances

Postby Verse9 » 20 Sep 2020, 04:06

Never ignore your allies. Always make sure they know the value you bring to the alliance. Rule for diplomacy as well as reality.
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