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[Saga of the Nine II] Game End

PostPosted: 29 Jun 2020, 21:44
by Aeschines
The game ended June 2, 2020 with a DIAS draw.

Congratulations to:
1. Zwergar (Strategus)
1. Ljosalfar (Bagle)
3. Ymir (BigJ0e03)
4. Jotnar (Desophaes)
5. Vanir (Diophantus22)

Also, thank you to the following players who played well but were eliminated before the draw:

6. Dokkalfar (Asudevil)
7. Madr (Joadg)
8. Surtr (Iamnobody)
8. Aesir (Don Juan of Austria)

Google Doc with orders & DP spends throughout the game

Game End Maps (Cycle 8)