Blitzkrieg 4, Discord (Started!)

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Blitzkrieg 4, Discord (Started!)

Postby W0bbly » 25 Sep 2019, 15:37

Greetings! I am hoping to GM a run of Blitzkrieg on Discord. Please reply to this thread or send me a PM if you're interested! I'll select players based primarily on interest and a history of reliability.

Image on Imgur:

Interested Players:
1. nanooktheeskimo
2. Iamnobody
3. Strategus
4. Elric Hazard
5. Don Juan of Austria
6. dweller
7. RcihardLion
8. Tortellacci

Interested Observers/Reserves:
1. Aeschines
2. Commander Tomalak
3. Caladin
4. AardvarkArmy

Blitzkrieg is an 8-player enlargement of the standard map. The basic changes from the standard map is a general enlargement, the addition of Spain (a Spain with an actual chance even!), and Austria becomes the Balkans while England becomes the UK. The game begins in 1939, several countries start with four armies, and UK has an outpost in Africa. There are a few land bridges, but besides that no special rules.

Countries will either be assigned via blind auction. DO NOT STATE ANY COUNTRY PREFERENCES PUBLICLY, .

Among the new items is the inclusion of Supply Centers in North Africa, two additional ones in Eastern Europe, the division of the Black Sea into two parts, and additional Supply Centers in Ireland, Sardinia and Sicily. There are 52 SCs and 27 are needed for a solo victory.

Coasts: Leningrad is divided into North and South Coast. The only opening play possible from the Fleet in (LEN) is to (LAP) or (BAR). The province Rome is divided into an East and West coast. Any unit in Sevastopol cannot move from (SEV) to (CAU) directly - or vice versa.

Passages / land bridges: There are three land bridges on the map: between Clyde (CLY) in Scotland and North Ireland (NIR); between Tanger (TAN) in Morocco and Granada (GRA) in Spain; and between Naples (NAP) to Sicily (SCI) in Italy. Armies do not need to use Convoy orders, but can directly use these passages. For example, A Fleet in Naples (NAP) can not directly move to Sicily (SCI) or vice versa. Only armies can use these land bridges.

Switzerland and Sweden are neutral provinces and thus are not passable.

The following islands are shown on the map in beige, and are not passable: Corsica, Balearen, Cyprus, Crete

Unclaimed Provinces:
At the start of the game, these provinces contain unclaimed Supply Centers: Caucasus, Mauritania, Norway, Lithuania, Dublin, Denmark, French West Africa, Lisabon, Tripolitania, Damascus, Greece, Sicily, Venice, Bulgaria, Rumania, Piedmont, Hungary, Austria, Warsaw, Holland, Belgium, Sardinia.

For the first time (as I understand it) Blitzkrieg will be run with the Suez Canal Rules that allow passage from the SE corner of the map to MAO and vice versa, much like 1900. Bear with me, as I've tried to articulate those rules as well as possible below, adapted from the 1900 explanation:

The Suez Canal Rules
- The Suez Canal allows passage for units around the southern tip of Africa. This means units may move from Sud/Ale/Pal/Trs to MAO and vice versa.
- A unit that moves in this manner does so at half strength. This means that a unit adjacent Sud/Ale/Pal/Trs succeeds in moving there if opposed only by a fleet moving from the Mid-Atlantic Ocean and a fleet adjacent to the Mid-Atlantic Ocean succeeds in moving there if opposed only by a fleet moving from Sud/Ale/Pal/Trs.
- Ale, Pal, Sud, and Trs are all coastal territories that are adjacent to MAO.
- Red Sea is not a space, but should be considered an extension of MAO.
- SAO is not adjacent to any of those territories.
- Armies may be convoyed from Ale, Pal, Sud, or Trs via a fleet in MAO.
- Fleets can move from Ale - Sud and from Pal - Trs and vice versa.
- A fleet in Sud/Ale/Pal/Trs cannot support a unit holding in or moving to the Mid-Atlantic Ocean. This is true even though the fleet in Sud/Ale/Pal/Trs can itself move to the Mid-Atlantic Ocean.
- Likewise, a fleet in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean cannot support a unit holding in or moving to Sud/Ale/Pal/Trs.
- A fleet moving from Sud/Ale/Pal/Trs to the Mid-Atlantic Ocean does not cut support being provided by a fleet already in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean unless the attack results in F Mid-Atlantic Ocean being dislodged. The opposite is equally true. A fleet moving from the Mid-Atlantic Ocean to Sud/Ale/Pal/Trs does not cut support being provided by a unit already in Sud/Ale/Pal/Trs unless the attack results in the unit being dislodged.
- F Mid-Atlantic Ocean can convoy an army from or to Sud/Ale/Pal/Trs. An army convoyed from Sud/Ale/Pal/Trs attacks its destination space at full strength. An army convoyed to Sud/Ale/Pal/Trs attacks at half strength.
- If two units are retreating to Sud/Ale/Pal/Trs, or the Mid-Atlantic Ocean, and one of them must travel around the southern tip of Africa, the unit that does not travel around southern Africa may retreat while the other unit is disbanded.

Power Selection:
- Country selection will be via a silent auction. You will have 200 points to spend. You must bid at least 1 point on each power. Each bid must be a different positive whole number. Players will bid on the following eight Powers:


GM House Rules

- Deadlines for Order and Adjustment phases will be fixed and fall on Tuesdays and Fridays. Retreat phases will be roughly 24 hours and will process when finalized. I will often make retreats if there is a clear best choice, but a player can override, of course.
- Winter phases will always be posted when I get all orders so unless otherwise stated, I will accept Winter orders as final. I do not want this to encourage waiting for the last minute, so feel free to submit as many provisionals as you like, but just label them provisional if you're not sure.
- All deadlines will be at Noon Central Time, unless otherwise stated.
- I will usually send out a 24hr warning to all players during movement phases - but this is not a guarantee, do not rely on this warning.

- The first orders phase is Spring 1939.
- Orders must be submitted to me by Discord post. I will accept orders until I begin processing the turn.
- All order sets must be complete - I will only look at the last orders message you send to determine all of your orders for that turn; an order set that merely says "change ABC - XYZ to ABC S DEF - XYZ" will result in all units, other than ABC holding.
- Please do NOT just edit an orders post on Discord. Create a brand new complete order set and post again. I don't care how many posts you make (though Discord also allows you to delete older posts if you want to clean it up) but I may miss it if you just edit your earlier set.
- I will accept any order syntax/spelling as long as it is unambiguous. If I can decipher it, then we're good, but I'd advise against leaving it up to me. My interpretation, no matter how unreasonable it seems to you, will control so don't leave it up for interpretation!
- Ambiguity will result in a HOLD order being given to the unit(s) (including, for example, giving one unit two orders in the same set). If there's a technical misorder that I can interpret without choosing for you, I will. I will not make a choice for you, even if there is a clearly preferable choice. I will not warn you about misorders if I see them before the deadline!

NMRs / Surrenders / Replacements:
- NMRS may, at the GM's sole discretion, result in the player being replaced. This could include a single NMR if circumstances warrant it.
- NMRs for builds/retreats will be considered NMRs.
- A first-turn NMR will result in the player being replaced.
- If a player leaves the game for any reason, I will pause the game and attempt to find a replacement
- I will give extensions, on request to avoid NMRs.
- In the event of an NMR I will give an automatic 24 hour extension.

End of Game Proposals:
- Draws can be proposed at any time. They must be proposed via group message or public press. Draw votes are public!
- Draws need not include all survivors.
- Draws must have the assent of all players with SCs on the board to be approved.
- Any veto instantly cancels a proposed draw.
- Draw proposals expire after two spring/fall turns have processed.

- Errors in Adjudication must be identified before the subsequent turn is processed.
- Errors identified in time will be corrected when identified and an extension will be given such that each player gets a full turn's worth of time with an accurate map.
- Any error that goes unidentified after the subsequent turn is processed will stand.

GM's Supreme Power:
- The GM has the final say on all matters relating to the game, whether they are covered in the rules or not. Any questions or disputes should be raised to the GM of the game first and then only if the player is still unhappy, the GM or player can ask the moderators for their opinion on the matter.

Additional Discord rules:
- For this run of Blitzkrieg, Discord will be used as the messaging platform. If you have issues setting up or running Discord, please message me immediately, and we’ll attempt to work them out. Maps will be posted both on the forum and in the “maps” channel on discord, and there will be a post in the “announcements” channel of discord for every new phase. The “public chat” channel is intended to be used the same as public press. The Discord channel is here:
- Please do not share screenshots of comms. Forwarding messages is, of course fine, but please refrain from sharing screengrabs of communications between other players.
- If you attempt to impersonate another player or the GM Discord, you are subject to removal from the game at the GM's discretion.
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Re: Blitzkrieg 4, Discord (Recruiting!)

Postby Nanook » 25 Sep 2019, 17:39

I can’t resist.
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(h/t lordelindel)

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Re: Blitzkrieg 4, Discord (Recruiting, 1 of 8)

Postby Iamnobody » 25 Sep 2019, 20:18

I'm in if you'll have me.

My only challenge with Discord is that I can't seem to make a channel for just two people.
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Re: Blitzkrieg 4, Discord (Recruiting, 1 of 8)

Postby W0bbly » 25 Sep 2019, 20:25

Iamnobody wrote:I'm in if you'll have me.

My only challenge with Discord is that I can't seem to make a channel for just two people.

Glad to have you. I will try to help you with that.
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Re: Blitzkrieg 4, Discord (Recruiting, 2 of 8)

Postby Strategus » 25 Sep 2019, 20:53

I will have another go at this.
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Re: Blitzkrieg 4, Discord (Recruiting, 3 of 8)

Postby Elric Hazard » 27 Sep 2019, 00:16

sign me up pls
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Re: Blitzkrieg 4, Discord (Recruiting, 4 of 8)

Postby Don Juan of Austria » 30 Sep 2019, 17:59

I'd be interested.
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Re: Blitzkrieg 4, Discord (Recruiting, 5 of 8)

Postby Caladin » 01 Oct 2019, 00:58

I'll go in as a reserve; have a lot of games on my plate at the moment.

If you can't find enough actives, then I'm happy to shift to there.
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Re: Blitzkrieg 4, Discord (Recruiting, 5 of 8)

Postby dweller » 05 Oct 2019, 15:16

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Re: Blitzkrieg 4, Discord (Confirming and Bidding)

Postby AardvarkArmy » 19 Oct 2019, 17:38

Drat. Looks like I'm too late for this one... but I'll e watching the action!

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