Heptarchy 16: Winter 654 Results / Start 655

7-player variant set in the British & Irish Isles during the Dark Ages. GM'd by Wobbly.

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Heptarchy 16: Winter 654 Results / Start 655

Postby Counsel0r » 09 May 2019, 03:01

Heptarchy 16: 654 Winter Build Results / Start 655

Hello! Winter 654 adjustments are below. We got them a little early, so we'll have extra time for Spring 655. Those orders are due by Monday, May 13, 5pm PT.

Cornubia: AKFD
fleet in Plymouth [SUCCEEDS]

Ireland: Don Juan of Austria
fleet in Cork [SUCCEEDS]

Mercia: Aeschines
Build army Not [SUCCEEDS]

Northumbria: UFO Fever
Destroy Wolds [SUCCEEDS]
Destroy Solway Firth [SUCCEEDS]
Destroy Morecambe Bay [SUCCEEDS]

Scotland: StarkAdder
Build a FLEET in Glasgow [SUCCEEDS]

Wales: Iamnobody
destroy Gwy [SUCCEEDS]


Image on Imgur: https://imgur.com/vYQs3Uk

Let me know if you have any questions. Once again, Spring 655 orders are due by May 13th, 5pm PT.

Good luck!
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