Heptarchy 16: Fall 653 Results (1 ELIMINATION, 4 RETREATS)

7-player variant set in the British & Irish Isles during the Dark Ages. GM'd by Wobbly.

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Heptarchy 16: Fall 653 Results (1 ELIMINATION, 4 RETREATS)

Postby Wobbly » 23 Apr 2019, 03:16

Heptarchy 16: 653 Fall Orders Results

Hello! Fall is posted below. We bid farewell to King Woolgie of Anglia. Thanks for playing, Woolgie! Three retreats needed from Wales (!!!), and one retreat from Northumbria due in 24 hours from when this message is posted. Winter 653 orders are due by Thursday, April 25, 5pm PT.

Anglia: Woolgie
both units are ordered to eat crisps, drink beer and generally hold

Cornubia: AKFD
A London MOVE Oxford [BOUNCES, 1v1]
A Exmoor MOVE Somerset [SUCCEEDS]
A Sussex MOVE Dover [SUCCEEDS]
F Straits of Dover SUPPORT A Sussex MOVE Dover [SUCCEEDS]
F Southampton MOVE Portsmouth [SUCCEEDS]

Ireland: Don Juan of Austria
IoM moves to Irish Sea. [SUCCEEDS]
Belfast supports IoM to the Irish Sea [SUCCEEDS]
Cork moves Leinster [SUCCEEDS]
Dublin supports Cork to Leinster [SUCCEEDS]
Cardigan Bay moves to Colwyn Bay. [SUCCEEDS]
Bristol Channel moves to Swa [SUCCEEDS]

Mercia: Aeschines
Cdf s Bristol Channel - Swa [SUCCEEDS]
She - Man [SUCCEEDS]
Not - Sta [SUCCEEDS]
Nor s Cam - Ips [SUCCEEDS]
Cam - Ips [SUCCEEDS]
Oxford - London [BOUNCES, 1v1]
North Sea South - Flanders [SUCCEEDS]

Northumbria: patatevolante4
NPe move to Southern Uplands [BOUNCES, 1v1; DISLODGED]
Morecambe Bay move to IoM [SUCCEEDS]
She move to SPe [NO UNIT IN She]
Cmb move to Dum [BOUNCES, 1v1]
York support Dur to hold [SUCCEEDS]
Dur hold [SUCCEEDS]
SPe move to Wolds [SUCCEEDS]

Scotland: StarkAdder
F Nmb MOVE Dur [BOUNCES, 2v2]
F North Sea North SUPPORT Nmb to Dur [BOUNCES, 2v2]
A Southern Uplands SUPPORT Dumfries to NPe [SUCCEEDS]
A Stranraer MOVE Dumfries [BOUNCES, 1v1]

Wales: Iamnobody
F Leinster move to Cork [BOUNCES, 1v2; DISDLODGED]
F Irish Sea Support F Morecamb move to IoM [CUT, DISLODGED]
A Gwy move to Pow [SUCCEEDS]
A Swa hold [DISLODGED]


Image on Imgur: https://imgur.com/pdW26WD

SC Count and Pending Adjustments

Cornubia: 7, up to 2 build(s)
Ireland: 6, up to 0 build(s)
Mercia: 11, up to 4 build(s)
Northumbria: 6, up to 1 build(s) (if dislodged unit destroys)
Scotland: 5, up to 0 build(s)
Wales: 3, up to 1 disband(s) (pending retreats)

Let me know if you have any questions. Once again, our 4 retreats from Wales and Northumbria are due in 24 hours and Winter 653 orders are due by April 25, 5pm PT.

Good luck!
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Re: Heptarchy 16: Fall 653 Results (1 ELIMINATION, 4 RETREAT

Postby Woolgie » 23 Apr 2019, 12:12

The end will come to us all. Except Mercia.
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