Heptarchy 16: Fall 652 Results (2 RETREATS)

7-player variant set in the British & Irish Isles during the Dark Ages. GM'd by Wobbly.

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Heptarchy 16: Fall 652 Results (2 RETREATS)

Postby Counsel0r » 12 Apr 2019, 03:09

Heptarchy 16: 652 Fall Order Results

Hello! Fall is posted and the results are below. One retreat each from Mercia and Ireland are due in 24 hours from when this message is posted. Winter 652 builds are due by April 15, 5pm PT.

Anglia: Woolgie
Sussex - Dover [SUCCEEDS]
Kin - Cambridge [BOUNCES 1v2, DESTROYED]
Thames - Ipswich [SUCCEEDS]
Norwich Support Thames - Ipswich [SUCCEEDS]

Cornubia: AKFD
A London SUPPORT A Northam MOVE Cambridge [SUCCEEDS]
A Portsmouth MOVE Sussex [SUCCEEDS]
F English Channel MOVE Pas-de-Calais [SUCCEEDS]

Ireland: Don Juan of Austria
Sci moves to Bristol Channel [SUCCEEDS]
Celtic Sea supports Sci to Bristol Channel [SUCCEEDS]
Iom supports Irish Sea to hold [CUT]
Irish Sea supports Colwyn Bay to Morecambe Bay [FAILS, DISLODGED]
A Dublin [NMR, HOLD]

Mercia: Aeschines
Lin s Not - Kin [SUCCEEDS]
Not - Kin [SUCCEEDS]
Ntn - Cam [SUCCEEDS]
Oxf s Ntn - Cam [SUCCEEDS]
War - Ntn [SUCCEEDS]
Cdf - Bristol Channel [BOUNCES 1v2]

Northumbria: patatevolante4
Cmb move to Dum [BOUNCES 1v1]
NPe support Cmb to Dum [CUT]
Dur hold [SUCCEEDS]
Man move to She [SUCCEEDS]
Morecambe Bay move to IoM [BOUNCES 1v1]

Scotland: StarkAdder
A Southern Uplands MOVE NPe [BOUNCES 1v1]
A Dumfries SUPPORT A Southern Uplands to NPe [CUT]
A Glasgow MOVE Stranraer [SUCCEEDS]
F Edinburgh MOVE Nmb [SUCCEEDS]
F North Sea North SUPPORT F Edinburgh to Nmb [SUCCEEDS]

Wales: Iamnobody
A POW move to Dyfed [SUCCEEDS]
F Colway Bay move to Irish Sea [SUCCEEDS]
F Cardigan Bay Support F Colway move to Irish Sea [SUCCEEDS]


Image on Imgur: https://imgur.com/ttlvCKi

SC Count and Pending Adjustments

Anglia: 3, up to 0 build(s)
Cornubia: 5, up to 1 build(s)
Ireland: 6, up to 0 build(s)
Mercia: 7, up to 0 build(s) (if dislodged unit retreats)
Northumbria: 6, up to 1 build(s)
Scotland: 5, up to 0 build(s)
Wales: 4, up to 0 build(s)

Let me know if you have any questions. Once again, Retreats are due in 24 hours and Winter 652 adjustments are due by April 15, 5pm PT.

Good luck!
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