African Diplomacy 5 — Winter 2004

Six player variant set in Africa. GM'd by TTBen.

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African Diplomacy 5 — Winter 2004

Postby TTBen » 22 Apr 2019, 15:29

Sorry for some delays in getting my messages to the board... real life interferes a bit right now.

Winter 2004 is posted, Spring 2005 will be due 9pm EST April 23 (2am BST, April 24)

<map updated as soon as I can upload>


CONGO (Don Juan of Austria)
Build 2 armies: 1 in Lubumbashi and 1 in Kisangani.

IVORY COAST (patatevolante4)
--NMR-- (furthest from home center is Chad and Gabon-fleet first so Gabon is destroyed)

LIBYA (Elric Hazard)
A Tripoli

Build A Mecca

Destroy Mozambique and Pretoria. Last stand in Cape Town!
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