African Diplomacy 5 — Spring 2002

Six player variant set in Africa. GM'd by TTBen.

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African Diplomacy 5 — Spring 2002

Postby TTBen » 03 Apr 2019, 15:07

Sorry I forgot to get this on the boards last night....

Spring 2002 is posted, Fall 2002 will be due April 4, 9pm EST (2am BST, April 5)


Spring 2002

CONGO (Don Juan of Austria)
Zambia move to Zimbabwe:BOUNCED 1v1
Uganda move to MMO:RESOLVED
Kisangani move to Central African Republic:RESOLVED
Kin moves to Gabon:BOUNCED
Angola moves to Namibia:RESOLVED
Lubumbashi moves to Zambia:BOUNCED

A Kenya MOVE Tanzania:RESOLVED
F North Indian Ocean MOVE Gulf of Aden:RESOLVED
F Djibouti SUPPORT F North Indian Ocean MOVE Gulf of Aden:RESOLVED

IVORY COAST (patatevolante4)
Fleet in Gabon supports fleet in Skeleton to Gulf of Congo:SUPPORT CUT
Army in Ouanadougou move to Ghana:RESOLVED
Fleet in Abidjan move to Gulf of Guinea:RESOLVED
Fleet in Freetown move to Mid-Atlantic Ocean:RESOLVED
Army in Senegal move to Bmako:RESOLVED
Army in Timbuktu move to Niger:RESOLVED

Libya Spring 2002 (Elric Hazard)
Spain - North Atlantic:RESOLVED
Morocco - Mauritania:RESOLVED
Tunis - Ionian:RESOLVED
Tripoli - Western Sahara:RESOLVED
Benghazi - Eastern Sahara:RESOLVED

Spring 2002 Saudi Arabian Orders, v.1: (Wobbly)
F Egypt -> Darfur:RESOLVED
F Mecca -> Yemen:RESOLVED
F Red Sea S F Egypt -> Darfur:RESOLVED
F Riyadh -> Oman:RESOLVED
A Iran -> Iraq:RESOLVED

South Africa for Spring 2002 (StarkAdder)
movie theme....Heart of Darkness

F Skeleton Coast MOVE Gulf of Congo:RESOLVED
F Southern Indian Ocean MOVE Madagascar:RESOLVED
A Mozambique MOVE Zimbabwe:BOUNCED 1v1
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