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Postby presser84 » 17 Apr 2020, 04:10

Hello Everyone. Been a while since I've checked in. All it took was a pandemic to bring me back.

I think I see some familiar faces around here. I hope everyone is bunkered in safely and healthy.

Anyway, some friends are organizing a live game online this weekend. We planned, as of now, to not use playdip :o . We're going to use zoom and discord. I volunteered to GM but I'm hearing now, (would you believe it?) we might not have 7 players and I'll be tagged the 7th. Again, would love to use play dip but not everyone is premium.

If I'm playing, the plan was to have an "order submission thread" in discord. My issue with that is how do we police it? That someone wont look at that before the deadline and put in a last minute edit.

Is there a way on discord or elsewhere to do a timed reveal of the messages/orders or achieve what I'm trying to achieve in the event I'm not GM

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Postby Aneyth » 17 Apr 2020, 05:41

In Gmail/Outlook/other email interfaces, there is an option to delay the delivery of a message. Maybe each person could input their orders and email them to one specific player, and those emails would be sent at exactly the round deadline? Not entirely sure if that solves the problem, but could be worth a try.
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