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Nexus Diplomacy Season 4

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2020, 06:18
by FyreNinja
The Nexus Season 4 tournament sign-ups have opened, and the season starts tomorrow!

Nexus is an inter-platform tournament like the Online Diplomacy Championships. But more than that, it's also the largest online discord Diplomacy community, and it's growing! The Nexus has the goal of bringing the different Diplomacy communities together. It's a great mission and they've done some awesome work! PlayDiplomacy has typically been one of the less well-represented regions on the Nexus, and we know that the players on the PlayDip platform are capable of putting together incredibly strong showings. Conq and Tortelloni are two PlayDiplomacy players who have made an impressive statement as the to the relative strength of the playDiplomacy platform, and we're looking for more!

Come join the tournament here, or check out our website for more information, stats, and articles about our online community

See you there!