16 BBY Fall and Game End

Original variant created & GM'd by Woolgie

16 BBY Fall and Game End

Postby Woolgie » 01 May 2019, 20:14

The game has ended in a victory for pjkon of the Bounty Hunters


Final Standings
Bounty Hunters pjkon 12 SCs 1200 + 275 = 1475
Jedi Groo 8 SCs 800 + 500 = 1300
Hutts Aeschines 7 SCs 700 + 400 = 1100
Empire Jvm495 5 SCs 500 + 300 = 800
Rebels AKFD 2 SCs 200 + 500 = 700
Sith Jerry42 2 SCs 200 + 325 = 525

16 BBY Fall Orders

Jedi Groo
Reecee-Coruscant (Succeeded)
KC s Reecee-Coruscant (Succeeded)
Dorin-Reecee (Succeeded)
N'Zoth-Juvex (Succeeded)
Bespin s Nzoth-Juvex (Succeeded)
Cerea-LAF (Succeeded)
Colonial Region-Inner Rim2 (Succeeded)
Deep Void s Hoth (Succeeded)

Rebels AKFD
Andat – Belsavis (Succeeded)
Hoth S Andat – Belsavis (Succeeded)

Sith Jerry42
Klatooine M Bimmibari (Bounced with Occupying Unit)
Wild Space M Honghr (Succeeded)

Empire Jvm495
C Kashyykk move to kegan (Bounced with Onderon – Kegan)
C mid rim hold (Succeeded)
F arkania support hold c mid rim (Succeeded)
C Borleis support hold mid Rim (Succeeded)
F vulpter hold (Succeeded)
F Regan neutron zone Move to Kessel (Succeeded)

Hutts Aeschines
Expansion s Kashyyk – Kegan (Support cut by Bimmibaari – Expansion Region)
Tynaa s Expansion (Succeeded)
Hutt s Tynaa (Succeeded)
Kathol - Outer Edge (Succeeded)
Belsavia – Hoth (Bounced with Occupying Unit, Dislodged)
Isan s Belsavia – Hoth (Supported Unit has Failed)
Naboo – Juvex (Bounced with N’Zoth – Juvex)

Bounty Hunters pjkon
Onderon-Kegan (Succeeded)
Togoria support Onderon-Kegan (Succeeded)
Bimmibaari-Expansion Region (Bounced with Occupying Unit)
Andat Corridore-Regan Neutron Zone (Succeeded)
Anzat support Klatooine-Bimmibaari (Cannot Support Attack on Own Unit)
Munnillist-Mid Rim (Bounced with Occupying Unit)
Roche Support Munnillist to Mid Rim (Supported Unit has Failed)
Empire Space Convoy Munnillist-Mid Rim (Convoyed Unit has Failed)
Unknown Regions support Empire Space Hold (Succeeded)
Meridian Sector support Munnilist to Mid Rim (Supported Unit has Failed)

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Re: 16 BBY Fall and Game End

Postby Aeschines » 01 May 2019, 20:41

Congratulations, Pjkon!
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Re: 16 BBY Fall and Game End

Postby pjkon » 01 May 2019, 20:50


Is anyone here up for a game of modern mechanics? It's currently in the games in development section of this website.

Link: viewtopic.php?f=413&t=59216
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Re: 16 BBY Fall and Game End

Postby Groo » 01 May 2019, 23:29

well played pykon.
Kinda feels too quick tho.
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