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Pandemic Diplomacy: Spring 2022

PostPosted: 04 Jan 2019, 21:30
by Aeschines

Our brave explorers continue to wander the wastes of Europe and its environs. Will they find a cure or will their bleached bones feed the sea like the dead indigenous Europeans?

This turn's spotlight goes to the Roma. After the plague began sweeping through Europe, the Romani in realized that once again contact with the outside world meant death. To avoid that fate, they cloistered themselves inside their encampments, shooting strangers on site and living as best they could. After four years of living with a siege mentality, the last-known camp of Roma have decided to strike out and resume their wanderings. Some hope to find more Roma settlements that survived the chaos, others just hope to great a better life for the grandchildren. They are THE ROMA.

To follow this game as an observer and see the map, join the Discord Server here and send me a message asking to be beamed up to our International Space Station, where we can watch the action unfold.