Spring 1903 results

Synthetic variant with 23 players all starting with 1 SC in the Spiral. Created by TheChosen1. GM: TheChosen1. Game ended with no resolution.

Spring 1903 results

Postby TheChosen1 » 23 Mar 2010, 09:02

Next phase- fall 1903
Deadline- 27/3 8:00 GMT (4 days)

The Spiral.gif
The Spiral.gif (47.05 KiB) Viewed 708 times


A: (Zanmor)
SB move A oc Bounce

B: (Pokerface)
B move A Bounce

C: (Zander_The_Great)
C move B Bounce

D: (trkertrsh)
D move E Bounce

F: (QueenOfHearts)
F move E Bounce

G: (Firestorm94)
G move H Bounce

I: (raphtown)
I move H Bounce

J: (mr bump)
SG move J Bounce

K: (Tooth1066)
SH move J Bounce

A very weird phase!!!
All the units bounce!
Raise my karma and I'll maybe raise yours!!!
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