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The PlayDip Historical Society is a club where like minded PlayDippers can get together and participate in Historically Accurate Re-enactments. Using specialized house rules , role-playing and PbF games, we play games reenacting WWI, WWII, and more.

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Re: Historically Accurate Group

Postby Markkkk » 01 May 2018, 04:13

This is bloody brilliant! I relate to this, it gives a more authentic feel to the match, i remember doing this sometimes, but as people did not enter each character, i stopped doing it, glad i was not the only one to like that!
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Re: Historically Accurate Group

Postby Squidly66 » 05 Dec 2018, 11:03

Hi everyone,

I just started a new game ( A pleasant affair game 151178 ) with password “Historic”
Thought we could try a friendly game as 1901 Foreign Ministers
2 day turns
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