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Fall 1100 Retreats

PostPosted: 27 Jan 2010, 07:40
by his_flyness
One quick note: in order to capture centers controlled by other players, you need to include the line (capture) in your fall order/retreat. Capturing is assumed in the case of neutral SCs or if your unit is based in a different country. So, e.g., if the fleet based in Can (Canterbury) moves into Flanders, it would capture the center automatically, while the army based in Normandy (Nor) would not, as it is a French army and a French SC.

As a consequence, several players who probably expected to take SCs did not do so.

Anyways, the retreats are here:

Burgundy (Kian):
Tou retreats to LYO

England (Pokerface):
A Man retreat Anj

The updated map is attached. As usual, let me know if there are problems/mistakes.

There is a new king of France: feldspar! English units based in France have been restored to normal status on account of the change.

Since there are no builds, we move on to Spring moves

Spring 1101 moves due Sunday, 1/31 at midnight EST

Re: Fall 1100 Retreats

PostPosted: 28 Jan 2010, 00:51
by kaiseralexander
Thank you for reminding me of that. I will have to take that into consideration in the future. Fortunately, it did not matter now.

Re: Fall 1100 Retreats

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2010, 04:10
by feldspar
Bri and Anj need to change colour, unless there's some strange rule I'm overlooking.

Edit: Oh wait, there is!!! The (capture) rule!!!