ModEx: Fall 2031

14-player variant set on a modern canvas of Europe extended to include North Africa and the Middle East. Designed and GM'ed by joe92. Fourway draw between Germany (asudevil), Iran (Antigonos/Ghostecho), West Africa (Intellectubility), and Egypt (EpicDim).

Moderator: Morg

ModEx: Fall 2031

Postby joe92 » 05 Dec 2016, 13:48

Fall is in. Germany continues to make headway conquering Europe while Iran looks to be tactically withdrawing to set up a stalemate line. Can he create one before Germany succeeds in a solo?

There was a retreat needed from Germany in Belarus which I've presumed to retreat to Warsaw. If you want that changing to a disband let me know and I'll update the map. Otherwise, winter is here.

Winter builds:
Algeria - Eliminated 2029
Britain - Eliminated 2023
East Africa - Eliminated 2024
Egypt - 6 SC | 6 Units | 0
France - Eliminated 2020
Germany - 40 SC | 36 Units | +4
Iran - 29 SC | 29 Units | 0
Italy - Eliminated 2029
Poland - Eliminated 2028
Russia - Eliminated 2023
Spain - Eliminated 2028
Turkey - Eliminated 2031
Ukraine - Eliminated 2018
West Africa - 14 SC | 14 Units | 0

I'll need those builds within 2 days, no later than 07:00 EST / 12:00 GMT Wednesday 7th

modern-extended-2031-09-fall-retreats.png (77.2 KiB) Viewed 962 times

Algeria - Aeschines
Eliminated 2029

Britain - Waterbox
Eliminated 2023

East Africa - ferdy0
Eliminated 2024

Egypt - EpicDim
MLS - Sic Bounced 1v2
Tripoli - MLS Bounced
Ionian Sea S Tripoli - MLS Support cut
LBN S Ionian Sea
A Tunisia H
A Bgz - Tripoli Bounced

France - nopunin10did
Eliminated 2020

Germany - asudevil
NAP support TYS-SIC
BAL convoy SZC-LAT
BRN support FIN-MURM
LAP support FIN-MURM
GOB support STP
EST support STP
STP support FIN-MURM
LIT support BLR
KRA support BLR
HUN support RUM
MOL support RUM
ROM-NAP Are you testing me? ;) Had me searching the rulebook to see if you can cut the support of your own units - you can't, Bounced
VEN-NAP Illegal order - Venice does not border Naples, Unit holds
ADR-ION Bounced 2v3
ALB support ADR-ION
MAC support GRE
GRE support BUL
BUL support GRE
BOB support MAO
MAO support GIB-MOR
SOG support GIB-MOR
GIB-MOR Bounced 3v3
GRA-GIB Bounced
A Blr Hold Unit dislodged 3v4, Retreat needed, Auto-retreated to Warsaw

Iran - Antigonos (GhostEcho)
A Al Kharija H
A Armenia -> Georgia
A Aswan S Sudan H
A Azerbaijan -> Caucasus
A Caucasus -> Kazakhstan
A Central Russian Plateau S A Ternopil -> Belarus
A Donetsk H
A Gorky S A Murmansk -> Urals
A Istanbul H
A Izmir S A Istanbul H
A Kherson H
A Kiev S A Ternopil -> Belarus
A Moscow S A Ternopil -> Belarus
A Murmansk -> Urals
A Odessa H
A Rostov-on-Don -> Volga
A South Sudan S A Sudan H
A Sudan H
A Syria -> Adana
A Ternopil -> Belarus
A Urals -> Siberia
F Aegean Sea S Egyptian F Ionian Sea H
F Cairo -> Eastern Mediterranean
F Caspian Sea C A Caucasus -> Kazakhstan
F Eastern Black Sea -> Ankara
F Indian Ocean H
F Kenya H
F Turkmenistan H
F Western Black Sea S A Odessa H

Italy - EnlightenedMonarch
Eliminated 2029

Poland - Don Juan of Austria
Eliminated 2028

Russia - Wobbly
Eliminated 2023

Spain - gnaah
Eliminated 2028

Turkey - Alman
Eliminated 2031

Ukraine - UpQuark
Eliminated 2018

West Africa - Intellectubility
South Atlantic Ocean support Morocco to hold
Western Sahara support Morocco to hold
Fezzan support Kufra to hold
Chad support Kufra to hold
Cameroon support Central African Republic to hold
Everything else hold
Designer: Emergence, Modern Extended
GM'ing: Nothing

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Re: ModEx: Fall 2031

Postby asudevil » 05 Dec 2016, 13:54


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Re: ModEx: Fall 2031

Postby VGhost » 05 Dec 2016, 14:27

The answer is, "Yes, I can," but asudevil doesn't quite believe me yet. ;)
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