ModEx: Spring 2031 and farewell to Turkey

14-player variant set on a modern canvas of Europe extended to include North Africa and the Middle East. Designed and GM'ed by joe92. Fourway draw between Germany (asudevil), Iran (Antigonos/Ghostecho), West Africa (Intellectubility), and Egypt (EpicDim).

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ModEx: Spring 2031 and farewell to Turkey

Postby joe92 » 02 Dec 2016, 20:53

For the first time in many game years no retreats are needed (several auto-disbands though). Straight onto the fall!

Fall orders are due in 3 days, by 14:00 EST / 19:00 GMT Monday 5th

Turkey has at this point been eliminated. Thank you to Alman for picking up a dire position (Fall '18, 2 centres) and giving it such a good shot I almost thought you were going to make it to the end game. A really impressive feat. An NMR proved fatal though and lost the trust of Iran, who decided his best shot was to remove you from the board instead. A commendable performance nonetheless!

modern-extended-2031-03-spring.png (77.21 KiB) Viewed 950 times

Algeria - Aeschines
Eliminated 2029

Britain - Waterbox
Eliminated 2023

East Africa - ferdy0
Eliminated 2024

Egypt - EpicDim
MLS - Sic Bounced 1v1
Tripoli - MLS Bounced
Ionian Sea S Tripoli - MLS Support cut
LBN S Ionian Sea
A Tunisia H
A Bgz - Tripoli Bounced

France - nopunin10did
Eliminated 2020

Germany - asudevil
GOB convoy HAM-FIN
BAL convoy HAM-FIN
STP support HAM-FIN
EST support STP
LAP-MUR Bounced 2v3
BRN support LAP-MUR
LITH support WAR-BEL
KRA support WAR-BEL
TERN-ODE Bounced 1v2, Unit dislodged 1v2, No retreat available, Auto-disband
MOL support SERB-RUM
HUN support SERB-RUM
BUL support ALB-GRE
MAC support ALB-GRE
NAP-ION Bounced 1v3
ROM-APU Bounced 1v1
VEN-APU Bounced 1v1
BOB support MAO
MAO support SOG
TYS-SIC Bounced 1v1
LIG-TYS Bounced
RHO-LIG Bounced

Iran - Antigonos (GhostEcho)
A Adana -> Armenia
A Al Kharija H
A Ankara -> Istanbul
A Armenia -> Azerbaijan
A Aswan S A Sudan H
A Belarus -> Ternopil
A Central Russian Plateau -> Moscow
A Donetsk H
A Georgia -> Caucasus
A Gorky S A Murmansk H
A Izmir S A Ankara -> Istanbul
A Jordan -> Syria
A Kharkiv -> Central Russian Plateau
A Kherson S A Odessa H
A Kiev S A Belarus -> Ternopil
A Murmansk H
A Odessa S A Rumania -> Moldova Support cut
A Rumania -> Moldova Bounced 1v1, Unit dislodged 1v3, No retreat available, Auto-disband
A Sevastopol -> Rostov-on-Don
A South Sudan S A Sudan H
A Sudan S A Al Kharija H
A Urals S A Murmansk H
F Aegean Sea S Egyptian F Ionian Sea H
F Indian Ocean H
F Istanbul -> Western Black Sea
F Kenya H
F Rasht -> Caspian Sea
F Red Sea -> Cairo
F Rostov-on-Don -> Eastern Black Sea
F Tehran -> Turkmenistan

Italy - EnlightenedMonarch
Eliminated 2029

Poland - Don Juan of Austria
Eliminated 2028

Russia - Wobbly
Eliminated 2023

Spain - gnaah
Eliminated 2028

Turkey - Alman
F Gre Hold Unit dislodged 1v3, No retreat available, Auto disband

Ukraine - UpQuark
Eliminated 2018

West Africa - Intellectubility
South Atlantic Ocean support Morocco to hold
Western Sahara support Morocco to hold
Fezzan support Kufra to hold
Chad support Kufra to hold
Cameroon support Central African Republic to hold
Everything else hold
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Re: ModEx: Spring 2031 and farewell to Turkey

Postby VGhost » 02 Dec 2016, 22:27

Well, technically Germany could retreat from Greece and leave Turkey as a one-center, no-unit power... :?
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Re: ModEx: Spring 2031 and farewell to Turkey

Postby Alman » 03 Dec 2016, 03:28

But Turkey has a DNR order and does not wish to live on as a useless vegetable. ;)

I apologize for less than stellar play during my turn here. Unfortunately, a rather tumultuous period IRL caused me to falter in all of my work on the site. Thank you to Joe and all those who have been patient through this time. Hopefully I will soon be back to form and redeem myself. I hope Antigonos recovers from his health issues and congrats to Asu for your pending victory (most likely).

This Turkey is done! :)
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