ModEx: Fall 2029 and farewell to Algeria / Italy

14-player variant set on a modern canvas of Europe extended to include North Africa and the Middle East. Designed and GM'ed by joe92. Fourway draw between Germany (asudevil), Iran (Antigonos/Ghostecho), West Africa (Intellectubility), and Egypt (EpicDim).

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ModEx: Fall 2029 and farewell to Algeria / Italy

Postby joe92 » 15 Nov 2016, 13:09

Spring orders are in! A few auto-disbands and just one quick retreat needed.

Iran - 1

Retreat is due ASAP, no later than 06:00 EST / 11:00 GMT Wednesday 16th

Algeria and Italy have been eliminated. It's been a tough slog for EnlightenedMonarch picking up a surrendered position but you gave it a hell of an effort, and thank you for always being reliable with provisional orders! At one point, after the stab of Poland I thought you would be at the winning table, but unfortunately Germany saw the gap in your defences and moved into Switzerland. That only seemed to encourage more powers to join in at which point it was an uphill battle. Aeschines, you similarly picked up a surrendered position from a season later than EnlightenedMonarch, although with the benefit of a graceful handover and no NMR. You managed to keep Algeria as one of the most powerful nations but the attack against Italy just took too long. Germany got past the Spanish line and from there it seemed to unravel. Thank you for keeping the orders coming to the very end!

modern-extended-2029-09-fall.png (78.17 KiB) Viewed 773 times

Algeria - Aeschines
Hold all units

Britain - Waterbox
Eliminated 2023

East Africa - ferdy0
Eliminated 2024

Egypt - EpicDim
A Bgz S A Sudan - Kufra Support cut
F LBN - Tripoli
F MLS S F LBN - Tripoli
A Tunisia S F LBN - Tripoli
F Ionian Sea - Naples Bounced 1v1

France - nopunin10did
Eliminated 2020

Germany - asudevil
BRN support MURM
MURM hold
FIN-STP Bounced 1v2
WAR support LIT hold
LIT support WAR
KRA support TERN
support RUM Unknown order ignored
SRB support RUM
RUM support SRB
PIE support MIL-TUS
LIG convoy MAR-ROM
VEN support MAR-ROM
APU support TYS-NAP
BOB support MAO
MAO support GIB-SOG

Iran - Antigonos (GhostEcho)
A Al Kharija S A Sudan -> Kufra
A Ankara -> Izmir Bounced, Unit dislodged 1v2, Retreat needed
A Armenia -> Georgia
A Aswan S A Ethiopia -> Sudan
A Belarus -> Central Russian Plateau
A Central Russian Plateau -> Kharkiv
A Ethiopia -> Sudan Bounced
A Georgia -> Rostov-on-Don
A Gorky -> Murmansk Bounced 2v2
A Israel -> Syria
A Izmir -> Greece Bounced 1v1
A Kherson S A Odessa H
A Kiev -> Ternopil Bounced 2v2
A Latvia -> Belarus
A Moscow S A St. Petersburg H
A Odessa S A Kiev -> Ternopil
A Rostov-on-Don -> Donetsk
A Sevastopol H
A South Sudan -> Central African Republic Bounced 1v2
A St. Petersburg S A Gorky -> Murmansk Support cut
A Sudan -> Kufra Bounced 2v2
A Urals S A Gorky -> Murmansk
F Aegean Sea C A Izmir -> Greece
F Caspian Sea -> Kazakhstan
F Eastern Mediterranean S F Aegean Sea H
F Eritrea S A Ethiopia -> Sudan
F Kenya H
F Indian Ocean H
F Tehran -> Caspian Sea

Italy - EnlightenedMonarch
A Rome support Naples to Hold Support cut, Unit dislodged 1v2, No retreat available, Auto-disband
A Naples support Rome to Hold Support cut, Unit dislodged 1v2, No retreat available, Auto-disband

Poland - Don Juan of Austria
Eliminated 2028

Russia - Wobbly
Eliminated 2023

Spain - gnaah
Eliminated 2028

Turkey - Alman
F Gre S F Ist Hold Support cut
F Ist S F WBS-Ank

Ukraine - UpQuark
Eliminated 2018

West Africa - Intellectubility
Morocco hold
South Atlantic Ocean support Morocco to hold
Gulf of Guinea hold
Algiers hold
Ghardaia to Oran
Tamanrasset to Ouargla
Illizi support Tamarasset to Ouargla
Niger to Fezzan
Tripoli to Benghazi Bounced 1v1, Unit dislodged 1v3, No retreat available, Auto-disband
Kufra support Tripoli to Benghazi Support cut
Chad support Kufra to hold
Cameroon support Central African Republic to hold
Central African Republic hold
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Re: ModEx: Fall 2029 and farewell to Algeria and Italy

Postby VGhost » 15 Nov 2016, 16:14

A Ankara R Armenia
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