ModEx: Fall 2027

14-player variant set on a modern canvas of Europe extended to include North Africa and the Middle East. Designed and GM'ed by joe92. Fourway draw between Germany (asudevil), Iran (Antigonos/Ghostecho), West Africa (Intellectubility), and Egypt (EpicDim).

Moderator: Morg

ModEx: Fall 2027

Postby joe92 » 17 Oct 2016, 15:50

Apologies for the delay, I had some last minute work to sort out.

Fall orders are up. Just a quick retreat needed.

Turkey - 1

Retreat is due no later than 10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT Wednesday 19th

modern-extended-2027-09-fall.png (78.75 KiB) Viewed 727 times

Algeria - Aeschines
Illizi hold
Algiers- WME
Tunisia - Tebessa
Tripoli - Tunisia

Britain - Waterbox
Eliminated 2023

East Africa - ferdy0
Eliminated 2024

Egypt - EpicDim
A Alexandria - Al Kharija
A Bgz S A Alexandria - Al Kharija
F Crete - Ionian Sea Bounced 1v1

France - nopunin10did
Eliminated 2020

Germany - asudevil
BRN support NOR-LAP Corresponding order does not exist, Unit holds
POR-MAD Bounced 1v1
GIB support MAO-SOG
SVE-POR Bounced
BOB-BIL Bounced 1v1
LYON support PAR-TOU
MAR support PAR-TOU
BOR support PAR-TOU
SLOV support AUS-HUN
LIT support WAR
WAR support LIT
SUI support PIE
PIE support SUI
KRA-TERN Bounced 1v2
SIL-KRA Bounced

Iran - Antigonos
Army St Petersburg Support Army Latvia to Hold
Army Latvia Hold
Army Murmansk Hold
Army Moscow Support Army Belarus to Hold
Fleet Caspian Sea Convoy Army Tehran to Volga
Army Kiev Support Army Belarus to Hold
Army Belarus Support Army Odessa Move to Turnopil
Army Odessa Move to Turnopil
Army Sevastopol Hold
Army Kherson Move to Odessa
Army Rostov-on-Don Support Army Caucasus Move to Geo
Army Urals Support Army Murmansk to Hold
Army Arm Support Army Adana Move to Ankara
Army Caucasus Move Geo
Army Tehran Move to Volga
Army Antalya Support Army Adana Move to Ankara
Army Izmir Support Army Adana Move to Ankara
Army Adana Move to Ankara
Army Israel Hold
Army Cairo Move to Aba
Army Aswan Support Army Sudan to Hold
Fleet EME Move to Aegean
Army Sudan Hold
Fleet Eritrea Support Army Sudan to Hold
Army Ethiopia Support Army Sudan to Hold
Army Somalia Support Fleet Kenya to Hold
Fleet Kenya Hold
Fleet Indian Ocean Support Fleet Kenya to Hold
Fleet Red Sea Support Sudan to Hold

Italy - EnlightenedMonarch
A Milan support Venice to Hold
A Venice support Milan to Hold
A Tuscany support Milan to Hold
A Naples Holds

Poland - Don Juan of Austria
Army in Croatia moves to Hungary. Bounced 1v2

Russia - Wobbly
Eliminated 2023

Spain - gnaah
A Bilbao - Madrid Bounced 1v1
F Barcelona - Granada
A Toulouse - Barcelona

Turkey - Alman
NMR #2
F (Ank) Hold Unit dislodged 1v4, Retreat needed

Ukraine - UpQuark
Eliminated 2018

West Africa - Intellectubility
South Atlantic Ocean support Morocco to hold
Morocco hold
Oran hold
Gulf of Guinea hold
Cameroon hold
Central African Republic hold
Tamanrasset hold
Niger support Tamanrasset to hold
Fezzan hold
Kufra support Fezzan to hold
Chad support Fezzan to hold
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Re: ModEx: Fall 2027

Postby Alman » 17 Oct 2016, 19:51

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